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Was There a Loan Contract?

In addition to defrauding the borrower whose signature will be copied and fabricated for dozens of “sales” of loans and securities deriving their value from a nonexistent loan contract, this distorted practice does two things: (a) it cheats investors out of their assumed and expected interest in nonexistent mortgage loan contracts and  (b) it leaves “borrowers” in a parallel universe where they can never know the identity of their actual creditor — a phenomenon created when the proceeds of sales of MBS were never paid into trust for a defined set of investors. 

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Capital Audiofest 2016: Audio Note UK, Pure Cello with Vincent Bélanger

Sometimes, life gets a little real. When that happens to systems designed for playback, the result is not always a good thing.

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Conservatives Block passage of bill tabled by dying Liberal MP #cdnpoli

Conservative MPs blocked the transfer of the Gender-Neutral Anthem Bill (bill C-210) from its original sponsor Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger to chief government whip Andrew Leslie in an attempt to block passage of the bill. 284 more words