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Studio Time

Last week I stood on top of Black Mountain in Belfast and looked down into the city that I grew up in. It’s changed a lot from the place that I remember from my teenage years, and that’s a good thing. 1,796 more words

My Autobiography


It wouldn’t be untrue to say that London is an expensive city to live in. In fact, on the 1st of March 2016 the Evening Standard ranked London as the most expensive city in the world to live. 339 more words


Anyone passing through East Belfast recently will have noticed some painting going on around the back of East Side Visitor Centre on the Newtownards Road. As more was painted, it started to become clear what it was, a collage of legendary people and landmarks of East Belfast such as George Best, Van Morrison and Holywood Arches. 222 more words


Writing prompt: Everyday you see the old woman leave a plate of food on the porch

THE neighbours have been having problems with vermin coming into their houses.

One man, everyone knows as the top paramilitary in the estate had to get the council to put poison down because a rat climbed into his baby daughter’s moses basket. 422 more words


The Dunbars of Gortnacor

Ulster Scots

When it comes to being elusive, the Dunbars have been some of the most challenging ancestors to trace in my family tree.  With a surname like Dunbar, surely they must have come to… 1,156 more words


The 10 best Mothers Day restaurant deals in Belfast

It’s a yearly tradition to take your Mum out for lunch or dinner on Mother’s Day, which falls on Sunday 26 March this year. For those of you who haven’t planned for the day yet – or the date slipped your mind completely – there are still some options around. 10 more words

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Anti-Semitic Israel

– The letter that follows was received recently by Rebel Voice, and is from a submission by a supporter that was sent to the Catholic and Nationalist daily newspaper, … 580 more words