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The Belgic Confession: Church, State, & Reformation

As I prepare for ordination in the Reformed Church in America, I am wrestling with the documents, Creeds, and Confessions to which I will be committing myself. 1,102 more words


Which of these 8 statements is heretical and which ones are orthodox?

Just a little quiz on Christology. Which of the following statements, if any, are orthodox; or which of the following statements, if any, are heretical? 419 more words


Imputed Injustice - Calvin Against the Calvinists

Imputed Injustice

Yet we still quarrel. We still contend with the Almighty. We still assume that somehow God did us wrong and that we suffer as innocent victims of God’s judgment. 1,622 more words

What is God?

In a previous post, I encouraged my readers to seek to know the Holy One, beginning with the question, ‘What is God?’ Now, it may sound a little odd to us to hear the question phrased that way, as opposed to ‘Who is God?’ But it is this fundamental question that many saints before us began with, including Augustine, whose writing we have been dipping into in the past weeks.  884 more words


Why I am a Confessional Christian

My journey to embrace confessionalism was not planned.  In fact, growing up, I pretty much despised any confessions. They were relics of the past, used by the Church to get out of Roman Catholicism and they were better left in the past. 1,407 more words

Christianity 101

(Another) Proposal to Change the Belgic Confession

There’s a Canadian Reformed synod this year.  Among the items on the agenda will be a supplementary report from the Standing Committee for the Book of Praise.  36 more words

Church Life

Does God Hear All Prayers?

A friend of mine asked the question:

Does God hear all prayers? Does God even hear those mindless prayers?

I guess I could just pull out the Heidleberg Catechism. 1,250 more words