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Truth of God

An open letter to Pontius Pilate

To Whom It May Concern:

We in America often refer to someone like you as having their “fifteen minutes of fame.” It seems everybody has heard about you. 568 more words

Life Lessons

Forgive the father: look at me through his father's eyes.

There is a song our nuclear family enjoyed, by Amy Grant, about how she hadn’t perhaps come up to scratch in her parents and others views. 1,256 more words


The Absolute Irrationality of Expecting Absolute Proof for God

An important piece I came to understand prior to my conversion was that my standard of proof was completely unrealistic. I wanted airtight proof before I could believe in God, and I came to realize almost none of the things I knew in life enjoyed this kind of support: my name, my date of birth, the reality of the outside world, the existence of other people, and a multitude of other things I was yet fully rational in believing. 18 more words


Doggy rehab

The first dogs we adopted for our young family were two “rescued” Pembroke corgis that our vet had received from someone else.  We brought home Peanut, and within a few days we also acquired her sister, Popcorn.  492 more words

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