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VaYishlach- Errors of Our Patriarchs- Weekly Discourse For 11/27/2015 16 Kislev 5776

To many, the title of this discourse might seem unusual, given the fact that we normally are taught that our patriarchs are wonderfully idyllic personas.  However, this is merely a simplistic,  allegorical rendering by Rabbis and teachers who are not looking to the depth of the text to teach that each of these people were men, who were just as fallible as each of us are.   1,544 more words



A friend and fan emails me and asks me what I think! My heart-felt thoughts are going to be vulnerably exposed to you in this post! 1,231 more words


Are You Happy About The Right Things?

What always brings a smile to your heart?

The sound of your husband’s hello?  Hugs from your kids?

Puppy antics?  The fragrance of flowers?  The rhythm of the surf as it rolls in? 268 more words


Gifted Mind, the book

—The Dr Raymond Damadian story, Inventor of the MRI

I just read this book about the life and work of Dr Raymond Damadian, who invented the Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) scanning of human/living tissue for medical diagnostics. 892 more words


An Essay About God -- In Questions.

So you believe that telling people they can’t force others to participate in a prayer to a god they don’t believe in or in the words of a faith to which they don’t belong means that your god has been kicked out of our public places? 930 more words

A God Of Infinite Possibility

A Prayer for the Wife who is Discouraged by her Husband's Pornography Use

This prayer is for the wife who is discouraged by her husband’s past or present pornography use.

Dear God,

I am coming to You, Father, because I am discouraged. 274 more words

Porn Addiction