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I’m at a cross-road and want to change my life. Aging mediocrity is trying to suck me under and I’m in a fighting mode! 691 more words

Precipice time

I feel like I am on the end of a precipice. The drop down is cavernous and sheer.

Across this abyss is where I need to be. 1,470 more words

Random Thoughts

"In godliness and holiness"?

The Pas                       18th Sunday after Pentecost – BAS Proper 25

Proper 20 – Ordinary/Lectionary 25 – Pentecost + 18

Year C

18 September 2016

Amos 8:4-7… 2,006 more words

1500 year flashlight

Initial results are as follows input voltage 12.0 DC current 25 uA driving a 2.24 watt load but this could only be achieved with a 1k ohm resistor in series with the load so I am changing the coil dynamics slightly where I can make a single LED driver of .09 uA or less where as a 1.5 volt battery would last about 1000 years on a single AA battery. 6 more words


Lost & Found

The Pas                       17th Sunday after Pentecost – BAS Proper 24

Proper 19 – Ordinary/Lectionary 24 – Pentecost + 17

Year C

11 September 2016


Exodus 32:7-14… 1,999 more words

Do Shinto shrines resemble Israel's tabernacle in structure?

by Toru Yasui

When I was a young child, I used to play on Shinto shrine grounds. I went there to catch cicadas in summer and gather nuts in autumn, in the thick woods surrounding the shrine buildings. 1,562 more words

Belief In God