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Defining God according to a belief

The word “god” has been used in so many ways to fit beliefs systems, but yet there is the belief that everyone talks about the same thing. 478 more words


Is Jesus Christ going to return? Will God destroy the world? Will only believers be saved? One of my blog fans wrote to me asking these very things. 913 more words

Why believe in God? Part III: Faith and Science

In a previous post I mentioned that Thomas Aquinas listed two major objections to the existence of God: the problem of evil and materialism. I addressed the problem of evil in Part II, and here want to say a few words about materialism—the objection that everything can be explained from physical properties alone. 1,066 more words


On going to church (or not), church, connecting to God, and prayer

How to make yourself crazy on a Saturday morning. Well, why not? The task is researching whether or not I’m required to go to church according to God and not humans, and looking for unbiased information. 1,652 more words

Belief In God

Always Love, Never Compromise: Relating To Those Outside Your Faith

Our society idolizes tolerance. We’re “supposed” to understand the other’s point of view, support them in living however they want, and admit they’re no less “right” than we are. 1,013 more words


The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning and the Universe Itself? Part 10

Part 10 of my review of the book: “The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning and the Universe Itself,” by Sean M. Carroll. 3,459 more words


July Poem 17: God Stands Confused

Even with the best passages memorized,

He could not

Understand the stand

Taken to take him

As your God before me.

Abstract Poetry