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Do you believe in God? tell me what you feel...

I wonder how people feel. Many times people find it difficult to speak about God and either have a quick answer that has satiated their desire to quest further or have avoided thinking about a question so large it is almost impossible to answer. 717 more words

Christ Jesus

A letter from a reader

The following is a letter from a reader of Bible Science Forum with my comments in square brackets […].

May I take the liberty of suggesting that you should be a theologian teaching the simplicity of faith – Christian faith – Belief in The Redeemer – if one believes in the Redeemer, one believes in His Word – that He is the Truth, the Way and the Life – will believe Him when He says that He is the Creator –  believe His account of Creation week. 939 more words

John Hartnett

Timely article for Year 8 about Evil

We used to learn about Evil and Suffering in Year 9 as a preparation for the GCSE Religious Studies course but this year we’ve moved it down to Year 8 and made it tougher too!? 202 more words

Religious Education

Explanation of Christianity: The Abrahamic Covenant

By: Shawn Wortham

“Abraham’s Family Tree”/ Christian Churches of God [1]

Jesus Christ is arguably the most influential person to ever walk the face of the earth. 814 more words

Faith And Intellect

Do You Believe In God?

It is not intelligence, or a lack thereof, that leads a person to reject belief in God. It is a lack of righteousness that leads a person to reject belief in God. 254 more words


Finding the way, the truth, the life

The lady makes a good case: 

This way of being – life permeated by religious practice is what I hunger for; frankly, what I think most of us ravenously, endlessly pursue.

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