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Revelation 5

The ‘book’ with 7 seals is introduced from the throne room of God. It is actually in the form of a manuscript, rolled up into a scroll, and sealed with 7 seals (v.1). 632 more words

John Hartnett

Fear More To Fear Less

“Don’t touch the stove, because it’s hot and it will burn you!”  We are tasked with teaching children with the basics of life.  If they are able to learn what is dangerous and to avoid it, they can escape having to learn the hard way!   510 more words


War, Ugh, What Is It Good For?

Originally published October 30, 2014


I was a tool of history. I was a soldier. I followed orders, which I believed to be righteous in their intent. 389 more words


Using A Level Videos to help the A - A* students in GCSE RS

There are many more YouTube videos out there but here are some just to whet your appetite. Remember, aim higher than GCSE and you’ll hit the A*.

Religious Education

Revelation 4

The book of Revelation chapters 4 and 5 introduce us to the throne room of God with 24 elders, 4 strange four-faced beasts, and the Lord God who lives forever and ever. 581 more words

John Hartnett

Skeptic Shermer resorts to ridicule because the science is weak

Michael Shermer, the originator of the Skeptics magazine in the USA, and a Scientific American columnist, is a self-confessed apostate and atheist. So he has a vested interest in supporting his own worldview, i.e. 3,577 more words

John Hartnett

Don't pull the rug out from under your faith

Why do I believe in God while other, equally (or more) intelligent people from a similar background and education do not? Why does faith stick to some people and slide off others? 667 more words