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The Easy Way Out?

The way I see it, it would be easy to be an atheist.  You’ve got no one’s rules to follow but your own.  As long as you also follow the laws of the land where you live, you’ve got no problem. 164 more words


Finding Edelweiss

Every night before our little boy goes to bed he asks us to sing songs. You know how kids are with their bedtime routine, if you miss something, they will not go to sleep until you do it. 206 more words

Belief In God

SUARAM Man Questions "Belief in God"

Director of Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM), Kua Kia Soong wrote an article, “Keep the Constitution secular and inclusive” which was published on SUARAM’s website on February 20, 2017, in which he stated his view on the move to make Rukun Negara as the preamble to our Federal Constitution of Malaysia. 3,323 more words


Trying Not To Hear

And the longer and more beautifully the Lion sang the harder Uncle Andrew tried to make himself believe that he could hear nothing but roaring. Now the trouble about trying to make yourself stupider than you really are is that you very often succeed. 33 more words


Saved From Myself

One of the most difficult jobs God gives us
is gently convincing someone of the concept
that they need to be, in effect, saved from themselves. 203 more words

Christian Writing


Oh, Great God,
You said of Your magnificent Self,
in effect:
“Before there was anything, I AM”.


In distant time,
rather, I should say,
before You even… 622 more words

Christian Writing

Looking for Signs of God

A great many arguments about God—God’s existence, God’s nature, God’s actions in the world—run the risk of being like pointing a flashlight toward the sky to see if the sun is shining. 183 more words