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Dads of Teens: Growing Your Child's Self-Confidence Through Sports

Self-confidence, or the sense of self-worth, empowers children in life, whether at school or at play, and is a good attribute to inculcate in your child early on. 1,009 more words

Ages And Stages

Trust Yourself: Intuition & Neutrality

Like intuition, my blog posts will be more like puzzle pieces coming together than ideas laid out in chronological order.

Over time, I’ve become quite comfortable letting my higher self guide me along my journey. 666 more words

Yoga's Ways of Dealing: Don't Beat Yourself Up, but get into it! Tapas.

In Yoga, we talk about ahimsa a lot. Ahimsa means “non-harming” or “non-injury” and if you have been to one of my classes you know I am big on all of my students knowing about this. 572 more words


Becoming Magelion

For most of my life, I sensed that not all was as it seemed.  As a child, I quickly learned that to do as I was told made me “good” and to question or do things in a different way made me “not good.” So, I learned early on to be good and to silence the side of me that sensed anything different than the norm I was raised in. 886 more words

Good Luck With That

When I was younger, I used to go to the library every now and then to borrow some books to read while I was on break from school.  569 more words


Coloring Outside the Lines

The summer holidays meant ample time to pursue interests. One of them included an attempt to discover the artist within. Stacks of coloring books filled with cartoons of popular characters were always an attention-grabber. 521 more words

Discover Life

How Bad Do You Want It?

Take a second right now and think about something in your life that you really want.  It can be anything from being in the NHL, bench pressing 315 lbs, getting a new car, becoming an astronaut or whatever else you can dream up. 540 more words