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Beauty, brokenness and Kintsugi: filling the cracks with gold

Have you ever felt afraid of being defined by what you’ve survived?

Sometimes I was afraid to share my past because I felt others would see me as weak. 387 more words


A Halloween story

Happy Halloween!

We at Purple Song hope you stay safe, get lots of candy or trick or treaters– so you don’t get stuck with all the leftover candy!   662 more words


Sophia - Humanity 2.0 & a "no nonsense" being ~ Sept. 25, 2015

Ah…here is Sophia Love again bringing another article AND another our thought to our minds  via communicating telepathically with an alien BEing. Does it matter “who” this alien is? 1,344 more words

Smeagol vs Gollum

In the movie “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” is one of my favorite scenes from any movie.  It is a conversation that the character Smeagol has with his alter ego Gollum.   279 more words

The Rainbow Connection

One day before  9/11 this year, a  beautiful rainbow appeared above New York City.

It seemed to start at the base of the new world trade center and graced the rest of the city in a moment, as  people grabbed their cell phones to capture this miracle  from every angle. 774 more words


Back to the Basics

These days I have been thinking about the basics of living a healthy life. Food, water, sleep, activity, and stress. How are you doing with each of these areas? 814 more words


The Need for Change

We all have busy lives that make the days go by really fast, we look up and we see our kids get bigger, our parents get older and life is rolling by. 793 more words

Belief In Yourself