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Flatline Affect

The past few weeks have been very odd for me. I feel as if I am living in a dream and this world feels even less real than it did before. 916 more words


Notes On A Foreign Country

I don’t very often publish book reviews but in this case I believe this book to be of great value to anyone trying to make sense of where our country is going. 664 more words

Social Contract

Blog 111 – BE HUMBLE.

Pull your head in. You’re being an asshole. Don’t be so smug. You’re so up yourself. It’s all about you. You’re so power hungry. Stop trying to control other people. 1,622 more words

Real Talk

Hollywood Roundup XLI

Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures: Filipina (Kelly) has European boyfriend Blake (Bryan Craig) and is also the object of affection for European males Bucket (Taylor Gray) and Aloe (Glen McCuen). 535 more words


Myth: East Asian are more law abiding due to lower testosterone

Testosterone is not the cause of male aggressive behaviour but it does amplify or modulates pre-existing social norms.


Unwoke Asian Morons

From user 19930423LDr on r/aznidentity:

Unwoke Asian morons still don’t get it. It’s not the food, it’s the Asian.

  • Europeans eat dog, horse, intestines, liver: Culture…
  • 258 more words

Peer Review Failure: Chinese Baby Penises

Email sent to Wiley journal

Good day Wiley staff, I would like to point out inaccurate content in a journal article.

Journal: Acta Paediatrica

Article: 333 more words