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The Narrow Gate

The Narrow Gate

There are so many different belief systems  in this world.     It should be obvious  that it matters  which is the right way  to go.     528 more words



There are only

so many

big, heavy moons


in the dark

morning sky

that you’ll see.

Only so many times

the stars will show… 77 more words


major world religions part one (or, learn the rules before you break them)

We are atheists. We didn’t set out to be, but that’s what we are. Ben was raised Jewish, I was raised Agnostic/Atheist. One of the more stressful, but amusing, stories of my childhood, in my opinion, was when during a family visit, my father pulled me aside and said through his teeth, “Don’t ever let your grandmother know you don’t know the Lord’s Prayer.” 797 more words

By Amber

This is a thought-provoking essay on tolerance

Should We Be Tolerant of Intolerance?

— Can Relativism Coexist with Fundamentalism?
01 Aug 2016

If we value multiculturalism then we must not be afraid of being fiercely intolerant towards intolerance. 1,153 more words

Hey there religious types...

I’ve noticed that  quite a few likers recently seem to be persons of faith with a somewhat evangelistic bent, now this is fine; more than fine – if religion helps you then crack on… 71 more words

Mental Health

Ramblings (mostly inspired by PKD) on the second day of the year--fodder for future posts?

I’ve decided to write whatever comes to mind today, using PKD’s Exegesis as a guide and inspiration. My goal is to get used to writing again and to see where my thoughts go. 1,902 more words