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Overcoming Destination Addiction

I recently started writing my morning pages again, a habit I picked up then dropped a few months ago. It’s a stream of consciousness exercise that allows me to brain-dump my thoughts on paper early in the morning so that I can go through the rest of my day with less voices in my head and with more focus. 939 more words

Does Zip-Lining “resolve” my childhood belief systems?

One of the core premises of the most recent (self-help) book I am reading is that your current life challenges are based in belief systems established in your formative years. 687 more words

An Open Belief Blog

The West Woods, Novelty, Ohio

When we began this blog our intent was for it to be open and accepting. By this we mean, this blog is about Spirituality and not religion. 222 more words


Hollywood Roundup XXII

Lethal Weapon S01E01: Heterosexualized European male (policeman, pregnant Latina wife, not scared of bullets, able to shoot a vehicle at a long distance, upper chest nudity, navy seal war hero, easy beats up two men with guns), Afropean male heterosexualization (Afropean wife willing to perform felattio, 3 children, policeman), Afro-Euro buddy trope, heterosexualized dead Latino male (former seal, wife and son, works in security). 180 more words


We are all Samurai's


Well Anita you have asked me to take my session three for the course I conducted on theatre for the BBA students. Anyway, this is like putting it together… 632 more words


More Joy Please!

As I sit here this morning having gone through my morning rituals of gratitude, prayer and meditation to get myself aligned and focused for the day, I think back to my life just a few short years ago. 686 more words

Belief Systems

Setting Lambs Free.

I have spent a lot of time examining my belief systems and how and if they have benefited me. I have also seriously considered how and if they have damaged me. 1,719 more words

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