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There’s never been a problem as big as it first seems.  But there is a great trick to finding reason in waves of emotion. 202 more words


The Greatest Gift I’ve Ever Received Is A Rock

Okay, that might be an exaggeration. But it’s in the top five, easy.

And I’m not talking about the kind of rock that sits in a setting and causes certain women to believe that they’ve found true love. 922 more words

Think About It

When You are Happy and You Know it

I am happy when…

After consuming dollops and gallons of Sir Roderick Glossop’s books and detailed gossip sheets that he calls case history of patients, I am at crossroads, what is it that want to know, unlike Amitabh Bacchan on KBC I can give you two options, do you want to know how do I know I am happy or do you want to know what makes me happy. 474 more words

Rainbow Bridge Prophecies of Turtle Island

The Rainbow Bridge Prophecies of Turtle Island (North, South, and Central America) are visions of power first foretold over three thousand years ago.  They reveal the probability of certain events occurring over time.  232 more words


Bullying and Spirituality

Bullying and Spirituality

Bullying and spirituality… 

Being bullied because of your religion and / or spirituality is not only very wrong, but also a very hateful act. 305 more words

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Affirm your beliefs

We run from a program that was developed by the time we were 6yrs of age, and unless you have done any mental work you probably haven’t upgraded your software to reflect your physical growth! 351 more words