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You Don't Believe...

A lot of us say that we believe God but how can we say we do when our actions say otherwise?

This is what the Word of God says: 203 more words


Why Do You Believe?

At the core of all well-founded belief, lies belief that is unfounded.”

– Ludwig Wittgenstein

A certain holy book states that if you seek the truth, it will set you free. 601 more words


The Prison In Your Head

I suffer from a most common ailment known to man…the inability to escape my head, ignore my heart nor outrun my body. I am limited by my own perceptions of the world, constructed by my personal experiences, defined by my beliefs.   163 more words


What's your environment?

Eating fresh produce, drinking water and exercising daily supplies your body with a healthy internal environment to operate well.

Reading books, studying, learning new skills and topics nourishes your mind and provides a healthy, positive environment for your brain to function. 371 more words

ReInterpreting "Responsibility"

How often are our actions guided by a sense of false responsibility??

I find my body reacting to some subconscious, and forced, drive to “be responsible” today. 417 more words


Are you really serious?

When there is a deep writing that has been brewing for weeks. Especially after not writing for a while, it really feels as thought the words want to make their way onto the pages. 1,194 more words