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Midweek Message - March 15, 2018

It’s the fifth week of Lent! We are adding orange to our rainbow hearts this week.     Riverview

Nine Mile River

Reflection – The Time Has Come! 179 more words

Midweek Messages

Telling the Truth Is Not Easy

It is not impossible to tell the truth to yourself, but it is not a pleasant experience – and to dare try and tell the truth to others is to guarantee being ostracized, ridiculed or being told you are negatively insane and need therapy and/or a slew of the latest, greatest anti- depressive drugs.Here is a sampling of the truth that is in most human beings: You know right from wrong. 539 more words


It won't happen to me!

Staying safe is really a matter of belief. When I did dangerous things as a child, which I thought were safe, my parents set me straight. 185 more words

Hazard Control

The Dangers Of Faith

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the definition of  faith is showing allegiance and trust to a person; belief, trust and loyalty to God; believing something for which there is no proof; and something which is believed with strong conviction. 1,294 more words


Getting unstuck

Do you ever have times when some idea or dream emerges into your consciousness out from where it was hiding? You are surprised to find it there, buried in the soil of unconscious distractions and everyday life, and you gasp. 670 more words


JENNY SCHILTZ - Seeing your way through Patterns and Belief Systems


There has been so much taking place energetically recently. I will do my best to keep this simple. This has been a challenging but deeply rewarding time as many of us take embodiment to the next level. 2,188 more words

valentines, grey belts, and lupercalia cake

Oh, the whirlwind of the completely unconnected!!!

First, Valentine’s Day. We don’t make much of it, but, why, Mom, why.

As you can hear, Béla was a bit under the weather. 152 more words

By Amber