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How I Destroyed a Massive Self Limiting Belief In 97 Minutes Today!

In 2012 I was at school one day during a time where I was situationally depressed, I was going through troubling times and I was slacking in every area of my life, I was a total mess and my life was falling apart. 297 more words

Law Of Attraction

Unto Thyself Be True

“Truth is nothing but a formulated perception of experienced reality” – L. J. Vanier

Something every advocate/activist has to be very aware of is perception.  When it comes to disabilities perception is very much attached to the impairment.   924 more words

Terry Wiens

The White Noise of Activism

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Martin Luther King Jr

That quote has been a mantra of mine for over forty years.   967 more words

Terry Wiens

"Upside Down World"

“Everything in experience is mind. What we call ‘things’ are objects in consciousness: not that they are imaginary, but their characteristics are mental constructions.”

~ The Dhammapada…

591 more words
Belief Systems

Skyfall (2012)

Turkey as an exotic locale for the high adrenaline machismo violence of European males, Afropean female sidekick agent, icon of English masculinity 007 sexes a Turkish female, it’s not important that she says anything or have any character in the movie, she’s there for her vagina only, to reinforce the universal access of European cock. 286 more words


Bad Johnson (2014)

In a rehash theme, the European male hyper-heterosexualization movie Bad Johnson (2014) has a character stating that another man’s missing penis looks like a “Chinese man’s armpit”. 159 more words


The Mentalist Season 1-4

S01E02: Latina married to European male, European male tries to kiss Latina female but her boyfriend is a violent, drug-dealing Latino murderer, implied sexual tension between Nordic male (formerly married to European female and with child) and European female… 618 more words