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"With This Ring"

In life we have the privilege of encountering an endless amount of people in which no individual is the same as the next. Although there are similarities, even amongst identical twins the differences between any two peopleĀ are tangible. 694 more words

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Pathways to Freedom

Theta Healing – Part Two of Three

Last month we took a look at one of the elements of a Theta Healing session that is called Belief Work which is based on the understanding that thought creates reality. 476 more words

Energy Healing

Beliefs Become Reality

Theta Healing – Part One of Three

Though people may have heard of Theta Healing many do not actually know what it is, how it works or how it might be of benefit to them so over the next few months I will be presenting a three part feature on this amazing healing modality. 591 more words

Energy Healing

Contradictive believe systems

In order to thrive, we need a belief system. Like a tree needs to have solid roots, do we need something to believe in. We know we need it, but we cannot see it. 252 more words

Personal Evolution

The destruction of community

There was a time when if I saw a man being abusive to a woman, I could with some confidence, intervene verbally. If he got angry with me, I could continue my verbal intervention, or walk away…if he got physically aggressive towards me, I could reasonably count on other bystanders coming to my aid. 295 more words

Group Dynamics