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The Spread of Islam: Online Discussion Questions (Also Unit Three Due Dates)

All right, lovely people!  Here we go, off into the medieval period.  You should have received a copy of the unit three reading guide and vocabulary assignment today in class– if you’ve misplaced yours, please make sure to download a copy from the Unit Three materials page. 410 more words


The Difference Between Me and You

Dear Imagined, Supposed American Majority,

Just so we are clear. You do NOT speak for me. You do NOT represent me.

You do NOT represent me Mr. 624 more words

Musings, Rants, And Everything In Between

Dear Shame, You've Got to GO!

When we’re cut off and disconnected from our SELF, we make bad decisions. Yet, as humans, we are all going to be disconnected from ourselves sometimes, and we are all going to make occasional bad decisions. 436 more words

Dana Childs

Breaking Points.

Have you ever had to work out what your ‘breaking points’ are? Have you ever been forced to choose between life and death? How would you behave in a home robbery? 1,270 more words


Reminders and Resources for Monday

Sorry for the late posting, guys!  I got distracted during my planning period yesterday and totally blanked on posting for the weekend.  Remember, for the first 45 minutes of class on Monday, we’ll be doing another ChalkTalk (conversation on paper), like we did on the topic of civilizations.   239 more words


CERN Revocation

I, in the ever-present, co-creative moment, in a now full-understanding that this reality has more than two options, and I am now making a choice to include an entire menu of other options. 364 more words

Domination & Control

by Tanya Lacy

Language is so powerful. Especially the language we use with ourselves.

What if, you only used positive language with yourself?

What if, you acted as if you could accomplish anything? 103 more words