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Mama said don't slouch!

Moms, gotta love them. Always watching out so we don’t hurt ourselves. If you had a mom like mine, she told you not to slouch so much. 265 more words


Stepping out for God

You look at the sign and it reminds of danger, but you see the wonderful sea across the sand. It takes courage to step out across the sand and to reach the sea. 1,147 more words


What We Believe

We are what we believe. This is really all it seems to come down to in regards to our lives. Looking around at the many ideas, theories and concepts of life portrayed by many different people, it seems that there is a need to convince others of what they believe. 777 more words


Naked Hunch

Truth is uncensured when all is said and done.

Under the covers, clothing, excuses and fabrications, there is still a layer of denial.

What of judgement, emotion, fleshy parts we play when we can’t stand it anymore? 171 more words

Perfection Forfeited....

It is hard to face the pain in your face because I hold you after another man has crushed your spirit. God has anointed me your savior though I can never savor having you in your purest form. 113 more words


It's Just An Old Soul Thing

I don’t really believe in having acquaintances. And fake people, half-hearted friendships and surface-level relationships are just not my cuppa tea. Let alone hookups and one night stands. 1,310 more words