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I want to believe in your mythology. Standing beneath your vaulted ceiling painted the color of the deep sea, adorned with improbably gold stars, I am a child lost in the forest of your columns. 464 more words


Power of Drug Prevention Lies

Nixon used the war on drugs to redistribute power and lock up leftist activists. Bush’s war on drugs was mostly cocaine but specifically crack because of the concentration of it in low income areas. 75 more words

A logical argument for spiritual practice

Educated people are raised to believe that life on Earth evolved through purely biological means and that there is no logical justification for a belief in God, the human soul, heaven and hell, or any other “spiritual” concept. 1,144 more words

Personal Growth


I have never had the privilege of believing in Santa Claus. Or the tooth fairy. Or the Easter bunny. My parents were not familiar with these magical visitors, so by the time they realized we were missing a major part of American culture, I already recognized “Santa’s” handwriting as my father’s (he has a very distinct, curling script), and I pretended not to know the tooth money under my pillow was from my parents. 354 more words


Don't let religion divide us!

Today as I sat in church I was struck by the thought “don’t let religion divide us.” I am not sure why that came to me so strongly but there it was and it kept repeating itself until it was rooted in my mind. 320 more words


"Heavenly Bonds!"

There are 3 eternal foundations because of our relationship with Him that are built, maintained, and eventually completed. These are God’s “Super Glue” to hold all together (1 Cor. 873 more words


She Dared Not

Reading an excerpt from The Clergyman’s Daughter, by George Orwell, I was presented with an emotional enigma. It describes Dorothy, finding herself unable to pray at a lack of belief, panicking at the alter: 494 more words