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Morning rush...

Late night, working on my laptop, straightening hair and reading until my eyes were dropping shut.

Tossing and turning all night with endless lists and thoughts racing through my mind, so frustrated with sleepy eyes at the thought of having to be up in a few short hours. 429 more words


Have you reached the end of your rope?

And nothing is working and you are fast losing hope?

Don’t lose hope yet, search,
somewhere inside, 16 more words


The Humanity of Various Belief

Maybe You’re an Atheist  ∴

When we wonder if someone is atheist, or generally about their religious or belief preferences, often we’ll ask “Do you believe in God?” or “Do you believe in the Holy Trinity and that Jesus is the Christ?” Cut and dried, the answer is sought! 358 more words



stop rolling apathy onto your lips
and dressing your body as a corpse
that fashionable cynicism hangs limply
on your anorexic soul
you who dream of slicing your stomach open… 55 more words


It was a song

It was a song

sung clear and true

with brave, passionate voices

in complete harmony

with each other.


His, coaxing hers

showing her her range… 55 more words

My Writing

A moment of thought - AMOT#1

I am often astounded by the actions of people. I’m not sure why. It may be because I want to see the best in people and don’t comprehend their actions which I would never contemplate. 113 more words