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There are two things I dislike about Christianity, well, two main things at least. The first is Hell, as I’ve made clear in previous blog posts. 289 more words


Saturday Update - 28/11/2015

“How much have we done to cause God to withdraw his Spirit, and suffer us to fall finally! Yet that he should keep us, let his name be blessed, and his memorial eternalized, who keepeth the feet of his saints. 176 more words



What constitutes living? Inundated by mundane and unimportant existence fueled by profit, war and subjective truth. One would argue our cognitive evolution has reached its crest, like a wave slowly we recede to primitive docility wrapped in denial, sold as truth and accepted as gospel. 503 more words


At Primary school


this poem by a prescient teacher. She was brilliant with kids, very wise, older than ancient and is by now long dead. 72 more words


It comes naturally!

To the bird trapped in bars: I free you.

To the flower held in hands: I release.

The hope hidden in dreams: I stop sleeping. 86 more words