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Awareness to Curb Stupidity

Imagine a world where people did not say just anything close to stupid when they opened their mouths. Imagine you did not have to witness a soliloquy by a person whose doltishness preceded any apprehension required to speak. 537 more words

2 James 6-9 found! The Trump Sounds!

6 Thus saith the LORD, Verily verily I say unto you in the last days one shall rise up in a choice land across the great waters and perform secret works of darkness upon all nations of the earth. 290 more words


My Case for the Simulation Argument

Preface / Author note:

I wrote this three years ago; however, it was never properly published, until now. 

In 2015 my world view was becoming far less ethereal and far more grounded in the pragmatic realities of science and technology; however, this suited me. 1,093 more words


Gone Focusing: Day 21

The downslope begins, in my 40 day Facebook fast.

What Next? What Different?

Will I simply complete this exercise and retuen to old habits? I will if I don’t make a plan.

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Why I Chose God

I wasn’t born as a believer of Christ, nor was I raised. I was raised to practice in Shaminism (Definition of shamanism: a religion characterized by belief in an unseen world of gods, demons, and ancestral spirits responsive only to the shamans). 228 more words


I Want To Trust You God

Of course you’re greater than the wind & the waves.
You created them and everything else.
Faith over fear.
Sounds simple enough until you attempt to engage your faith that sometimes gets overwhelmed and strained with the cares of life. 505 more words


"I’m Getting Better Every Day, In Each and Every Way"

I listened to a webinar this weekend by sports parenting expert David Benzel called “From Good to Great in Four Steps.” He has a link on the USA Swimming website to his webinars and website called… 466 more words

College Swimming