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Beyond the Blue Sky

We ride in and out of parking lots, trailer in tow (no longer filled with three girls, but prepped for groceries), in search of a Sunday where errands are as bright as a blue-sky Denver. 518 more words


29 May 2017

There seems to me to be a fundamental (inverse) relationship between people who join cults, and people who become scientists.

We all want a worldview which is both correct and stable. 281 more words


Always Superior

White upper-class men are always superior.  That’s the principle.  It seems that for many years they have been looking for scientific proof for something that they already believed to be true.  422 more words

With the Parents “Out-of-Order”, How Can We Expect the Children to Grow Up Properly

BAD examples parents are setting for their young, from the observation of a school instructor, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’s a leisurely weekend afternoon, there were, a lot of children, playing freely, rolling around, running to and fro, on the playgrounds. 291 more words

Experiences Of Life


A couple of days ago a friend posted research regarding success and high school grades on Facebook.  The research cited indicates that there is no correlation between high school grades and success later in life.   161 more words