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Examine your core beliefs

Beliefs matter. Our thinking and behavior are shaped by core beliefs and assumptions (deep frames) that are largely below awareness. Cognitive science teaches us that even when these deep frames are wrong or dysfunctional and lead to bad decisions, we cannot change them until we know what they are. 556 more words

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thank you
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The wisdom to know the difference

There’s a disconnect in today’s world that I’ve noticed happening over the past few years. I’ve always known that people believe that their opinion is the best opinion (because it’s in our nature to want to be on the… 1,153 more words

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Duality is the reality of our current minds

The perception that most human beings have at this time, is based on separation. Every word defines, words make up a concept which supports the idea of individuality. 416 more words


Since When?

Since when did big business decide what laws should be enacted, and since when did money interests dictate what people should and shouldn’t do? That’s how it is now, on that level, right out in the open. 600 more words


empty vessel

Twelve months ago I made the decision not to engage with Stoopids. For a period of six months. To let unfounded opinions fly. To accept the varying levels of educational deficiencies and life exposure, and not take on the frustration of seeing such saddening ignorance. 531 more words



You can’t buy God. That’s religion, isn’t it? Paying for God’s approval. Good behavior that earns God’s favour and love. Or let’s face it, a much baser assumption, you’ll get what you want. 175 more words