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Best Regards, Santa Claus...

Good evening, everyone! :)

As I’m sitting here all wrapped up in my fuzzy blanket… listening to Christmas music… surrounded by all of these beautiful Christmas decorations and lights… I got to thinking about the good ole Mr.  825 more words

She’d Suspected He Was Having an Affair, and So, She’d Castrated Him While He Was Asleep

Did the wife just, made it up, or, did the man actually, had an extramarital affair, that, is what I want to know here, from the… 450 more words

Experiences Of Life

Self-Motivated Learning is the MOST Important Skill You Will Ever Need to Acquire

Opinions from the EXPERTS, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

One of the most pressing problem right now is the increasing gap between the rich and the poor, it’d caused the newer formations of the society, and, a lot of people worried, that as the society metamorphosed, a lot of people are getting left behind, and so, those who are on the lower ends of the economic spectrums wanted more protection for themselves, the workers were, fighting, to get the minimum wages increased, to reduce the work hours, to lengthen their vacation time, to get better retirement pensions provided to them, are all, examples. 1,071 more words

Properties Of Life

Raising My Second Child More Imprecisely Than My Eldest

Because when you had your firstborns, you were, inexperienced and felt more scared, but as the second child came along, you’d, become, more experienced in childrearing, translated… 574 more words

Experiences Of Life

Do Unto Others and Really Mean It

I posted a few days ago about the Golden Rule and how, despite its prevalence in a wide variety of religions and philosophies, humanity seems to struggle mightily with actually living it.   351 more words


Filosofy on Friday - The Moon is made of Green Cheese

Today I want to think about thinking. In particular, to look at the distinction between thoughts and beliefs. We tend to accept our first impressions as being accurate and true. 502 more words


Chicoine's essential insignificance

Gary Chicoine likes to bitch and moan about other people’s self-importance. That’s his basic lie. That everybody’s problem is self-importance. Not his.

When it comes to the touchy subject of his self-importance, his arrogance, his megalomania… privately he feels it is… 284 more words