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A Stone's Throw Away from Judging My Neighbor

“Judge not, lest ye be judged” (Matt. 7:1)

It’s the newest hot-button issue. The world loves this verse. Heck, so does the church. We’re throwing it around as a means to fend off anyone who wants to talk about morality because as a society, we’ve decided morality is so last century. 1,648 more words


Pushing Past "Well...."

What do I mean by pushing past “Well…”?   “Well…” is when I proclaim, “Well at least I’m not out here shooting everybody!”; “Well at least I didn’t eat the whole cake!”; “Well at least I didn’t cuss her all the way out!”.   468 more words

Book Review: A girl swallowed by a tree

It was last year that I realized how much more I needed to read diversely within Indian literature. I wrote a blog post about the same, and it was while researching for… 904 more words

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The Trouble with Opinions

The eighteenth-century Scottish philosopher David Hume argued that the passions invariably lead reason about by the nose, that we want what we want before reason steps forward to build a scaffolding that justifies our desires. 518 more words


Respect My Authoritah

Life is a strange thing. We are all living it, but we can’t agree on what exactly is happening with it. We ask each other what’s going on, and sometimes we believe what they tell us. 946 more words

What And Who Determines Your Success? The Bad And Good News

“The great problem for most people is they believe they’re victims of circumstance, events and other people; others and circumstances determine whether they, the individual, rise or fall, succeed or fail. 793 more words

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Labeled as "Austic"...

The context for my poem Perfect storm is the research for my Arts Council Funded project – The Museum for Object Research. It isn’t about any one person or conversation, but more about my growing understanding of the ways in which I am disabled – despite being a competent human – by ingrained assumption […]

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