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A Stranger I'd Come to Know

see how crowded it always is???  Not my photo…

The time spent, commuting, translated…

By my sophomore year, I’d decided, to stop renting away, and started, commuting between Taoyuan and Hsinchu every single day. 369 more words

Experiences Of Life

The In-Laws, in High Food Prep Mode

on the holidays…not my photo


“Should I tell, or not?”, I’d asked Ching, what’s stressing her so much? Turns out, that Ching would take her kids, and visit her in-laws often with her husband, as the children all came home, the elders are naturally, happy, and would buy a ton of foods, hoping, that the children and grandchildren are, well-fed. 352 more words

Experiences Of Life

Hope is not a strategy

But choosing to implement techniques that focus your intention is.

Prayer. Visualization. Meditation. Use them.

Muscle memory 

Last Sunday was bright and beautiful. I woke up late, as I enjoy to sleep in when I have a day off.

I slept a little later than I meant to, but with sleep, I trust my body. 860 more words

Tarot Card of the Day: #2 Observations

Reminder: Because I am just learning Tarot my “Tarot Card of the Day” posts are going to start with a general observation of the card* and then I’m going to end the day with another post about what… 88 more words


The Importance of a Personal Policy

We are exposed to many different beliefs in our world today.  We may agree with some, but we may feel a little uncomfortable with others because they may violate what we consider to be right and wrong.   625 more words


You are what you eat. What are you?

You have probably heard this a lot: “You are what you eat!” Well, I believe this is true.

I wanted to share with you what my average day looks like when it comes to food consumption. 323 more words

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