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All our core beliefs go back to an age before six years old. The reason for this is for those first six years we’re primarily in delta and theta. 782 more words


Ideally, the mind is our servant not our master.  So, we must practice the art of anticipating the mind.  We live within this mind; it is the framework in which we shape and shade all our actions and beliefs.  

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Vain Religion

I know that this subject has been covered many times before. For me, it is certainly not the first time that it has ever happened. I have recently discovered that I have been the target of gossip by someone who professes to be a Christian, so of course I feel the need to address it. 207 more words



As we gain more clarity about ourselves, we gain more clarity about the world around. As we dive deeper into our own motives, we see others more clearly. 506 more words


AC Rematic

AC Rematic,

Time tactic,

Remix your influx,

Demand no change,

Inform your own decisions,

Chase down that fear,

Explode onto new territory,

Uplift your influence,

Drift amongst Drifters,



The Insatiable Quest

Though they spend many years looking for enlightenment, not many people find it. The reason? They look in all the wrong places.

That’s how we’re taught though. 219 more words

Thoughts Uncut