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"Which Way Should You Go?"

How many steps does it take to get from here to there? It sometimes seems like it will take a miracle when we look how far away our goal is. 19 more words


I am not talking about yourselves...

I have got to admit, I am pretty happy in my world today.
It was ‘hard work’ to get here.

No. It was not ‘hard work’. 493 more words


Your concept is your own trap

Marriage is a concept based on agreement. Marriage will give an illusion of security, which “real Life,” easily breaks apart. That wide space between the security of the law and human emotions is what brings all sorts of suffering, soap operas and dramas. 438 more words



.for body and mind.

.your body needs nourishment in the form of healthy food and movement in order to keep it functioning optimally.
.sometimes we fight against this with too much junk food, alcohol, laziness, etc.   302 more words

“A lady is someone who never shows her underwear unintentionally”

Lillian Day


Altering Society for the Government Grab

What will they tell us we have to believe in or ascribe to next?

I wonder. Some idiotic stuff is happening these days in an attempt to alter the society we live in. 807 more words