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The Human Savage!

It’s peculiar that people don’t behave much different than any other animal. I was watching some videos last night about people who manage to mingle unarmed with dangerous wild animals like tigers, lions and grizzly bears! 278 more words



This afternoon, I overheard some ladies evaluating a guy who is trying to come back into their friend’s good book. After their evaluation, they practically told her the guy is just a funny/cultured piece of shit. 546 more words

Creative Writing


Hello world,

Two months into 2018… I can’t believe that time is flying ever so quickly. I noticed there are massive shifts I have been experiencing from end of last year to this year. 739 more words

Do You Need an AK-15??

I was going to post a poem today but found this and decided to share.  Maybe I could create a poem about all this shooting but would it matter? 118 more words

Some Fable

Some of the perceptions about Quixotic definitions are baseless antagonism

Eyes perceive, but the mind is in a world of its own; not in sync with worldly ideologies… 59 more words


Worth more than Gold!

An ongoing seventy five year long Harvard study monitored two groups of young men beginning in the thirties. Over seven hundred initial participants were originally asked the question of what their greatest ambitions were. 113 more words


Not My God!

The more time I spend on social media (for me, especially on Twitter), the more I see that there is indeed not (only) one Christian God. 1,185 more words