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Finally - fudge that you can't fudge up!

I have always been a feeder. I love to make treats for all my people and fudge is one of their favourites. In fact, this fudge is sooooooo good, that colleagues at the office would collect the ingredients and I’d return to my desk to find a little post-it, requesting some more. 814 more words

Why a Civil War, The Voting Rights Act and the Presidential Defeat of a Carnival Barker Did Not End America's Race Dance

It’s hard to say what I want my legacy to be when I’m long gone. – the late would have been great Aallyah


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I welcome your words and feeling and in an ideal world what you wish for would eventually be possible. But we all have fears and beliefs with regards to our lives and there will always be some people worse or better off than ourselves. What we need to do is to understand the reasons why and not listen to violent and unreasoned rhetoric from those who should know better, for they are harnessing the fears and beliefs of others for their own ends and not for the persons who they are trying to influence. Unfortunately this is how the human race is, it will never be perfect, for no matter what occurs there will always be persons better and worse of than ourselves, what we need to do is learn to live with it and we all need to do what we can to better ourselves without reducing the lives of others. It will not be easy, but for the benefit of all human kind and the existance of all life in the world we do need to make progress.

Who Changed the Bible and Why

Our modern Bible, good book as it may be, was written thousands of years ago, copied millions of times, translated into thousands of languages, and therefore can in no way accurately represent the Bible that was originally written. 1,168 more words

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I agree with every translation there will be some differences in the text, especially when these are not from the original. The more translations there are from translations the differences could be more extensive. The only way to monitor if there are differnces in each translation is to compare with the original, so if this is not available, no one can be sure how accurate any translation is. Then, when viewing the original if this was possible, how accurate would that be, for to be accurate each should have been written by the person on whose knowledge it is based, for scribes may not always write what is verbaly expressed, even if this is done at the time the events occurred. If the scribing was done some many years later, then who can tell what the original meanings were meant to be. Then in some instances were the happenings from reality or assumed reality. However, this should not bring any religion into disrepute, for all religions are beliefs and if these beliefs help and give comfort to the individuals who believe then the religion should not be disputed. This should not minimise the credence of any religion and detract from their beliefs, nor should it detract from believers of different religions or those who for other reasons do not fully believe in the total religion of others. For beliefs should be for each individual and not for others to belittle or force others to act against their beliefs, except where this goes against the law and customs of the country in which they reside. We should all be tolerent of each other and learn to live side by side, for then and only then will there be peace within the world.

Let your Yes be Yes

Let your Yes be Yes

Conviction of beliefs

Stand erect and sure,

A skyscraper of Faith

So let your yes be yes

Before all you encounter… 70 more words


[away~5] making the connection

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A limb, the size of a tree, was downed by a storm, taking my power with it. I concocted a creative meal of cottage cheese and fruit.  402 more words


Here and Now

It’s hard for me to believe that my most recent post was on July 30th. I’d decided, when I started to blog, that I’d be intentional about it, keep a schedule and inform you of my plans if my schedule were to change. 785 more words

Map My Classroom

if you made the choice
to love and welcome, not hate
the world would change