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My Strange Variety

I have come to learn in life that no matter how much you try not to do it, we all judge people some degree. However, we can change these perceptions willfully by simply making ourselves more open to suggestions, change, people. 360 more words

Myasthenia Gravis

just what is unacceptable?

Spitting shells of nuts out on a packed train?
Breaking wind in a lift?
Stealing food so you can eat?
Wishing ill of someone?
Swearing in a public place? 168 more words


I’ve been debating many opportunities and future endeavors lately.

It’s been an interesting semester, and it is coming to an end. I have a few choices to make regarding the future, but making big decisions is very hard!! 302 more words

Nothing is Mine

      Have you ever been selfish? Well, I have. In fact, I was very selfish recently and Yahweh taught me a great lesson through it. So, I thought I might as well share my story, it could be helpful to someone! 459 more words


The Lotto Theory of the Workplace, the Observations from the Workplace


Last year, a new worker came to the office, Ms. S.  And, because we’re all hired based off of our skills, we’re responsible for different things, and, there’s not that many conflicts of interest for us all, and, we all got along, quite well with each other, and everybody is looking forward to working with this new member of the team; but slowly, everybody began to discover, that there may be something lacking, in Ms. 585 more words


Personal Development

Recently I saw an interesting blog post about someone discussing their beliefs on relationships with Deity. The post talked about about how Deities didn’t care about your personal life, your shortcomings and your personal development. 362 more words


De Hogeweyk Became Taiwan’s Model, Planning to Set up a Home of Demented Elderly People

the photo is from the papers…

Trending now, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

As Alzheimer’s Disease became the lesson of the entire globe, the Netherlands set up the world’s only community made up of demented elderly, De Hogeweyk, the store clerks, the mail carriers, the gardeners are all, trained in caring for the demented elderly, and, the over hundred demented elderly who lived there are living like in Truman’s World, but they were given, the best care too.   388 more words