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Beliefs Entering 2017

3 Things I Believe in:

  • I choose to believe in the power and importance of Love
  • My Intuition is very strong – God and my intuition will never lead me astray…
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A Brand New Day, with the Same Old L-I-E

A brand new day, with the same old L-I-E-S, and, you’d heard them, too many times, you can, recite ALL those lies from not looking at those “cue cards” now, can’t you??? 195 more words

Experiences Of Life

Taking the Kids Outdoors, They Won’t be Lost and Addicted to the Internet

One of the ways, that the Department of Health & Sanitations here came up with, to resolve the problems of younger generations of children being ADDICTED to logging online, from the… 383 more words

Experiences Of Life

Online Almost 24/7, She’d Almost Needed Her Hands Amputated

But, did she, LEARN anything from this??? I wonder…from the Front Page Sections, translated…

how serious it’s getting, not my photograph…

A twenty-eight year-old working class/pretty woman blogger, needed to use her computers at work, AND after work, she’d needed to share articles on FB regularly, for long-term, she could no longer bend her fingers, and, she was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger syndrome, after the physicians advised her to stay off line for a couple of days, and undergoing treatment, she’d finally, gotten better. 174 more words

Experiences Of Life

We Name Ourselves Hope

for election week

we read I Am Malala

hope covers dark thoughts


Waiting on the Love Letters from the Children, She’d Gone to the Distant Regions, and Found the Love She’d Searched For

How the kindness continued on, after their visits were, over, from the Newspapers, translated…

This, is NOT just a trip about trekking, it’s also about, spreading the love out, it’d made me learn to listen, to touch, to feel, to communicate, to understand, to get to experience the kindness this society has to offer,”, an exchange student from China wrote this passage on FB after the end of the activities. 469 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Civics Lesson Learned on the Roads: the Students Walked to Deliver Kindness

Learning BY experiencing!!! How this lesson was taught AND learned, from the Newspapers, translated…

The Six Schools Started Setting Up the Teams Three Years Ago, to Collect the Donated Items to be Send to the Distant Regions, in the Winters Carried the Loads, Walked for Thirty Kilometers by Foot, or, in the Heat, to the Point of Having Heatstroke, as They’d Arrived, They’d Cried Out of Joy……… 746 more words

Experiences Of Life