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“Define me! Define me! Love me, I need love!”

The quote is from one of my favourite episodes of Friends, where Phoebe is dating a psychiatrist. 1,171 more words

Giving Thanks... Or Something like That

I’ve been a little behind the times lately; I almost missed to accept the Versatile Blogger award. Ha, will happen never again!

It’s all thanks to… 477 more words

Thoughts Uncut

Bathing in moonlight

The future is here

I will give it my all now

Bathing in moonlight

Happy 4th of July!


Spirituality and the Writer

Spiritual belief is a curious thing to consider as an author. The fact appears to be that many people have a spiritual belief. Once you start thinking about this you are inevitably drawn into also considering how strongly people seem to hold their beliefs and how ardent some are at showing, and vice versa as well. 990 more words

Myths part two - Genocide and Holocaust

This is part two of my series examining myth. There are sensitivities involved in this particular myth. But don’t worry, I’ll be back with part three soon! 1,168 more words


Why the Faith Defense Fails

The religious cling to faith as if it is a security blanket.  When really it is a self-inflicted silver bullet to their own head.  The reason it fails to protect their religious ideas is the shear nature of what faith is.  1,281 more words


A Minor Cold of the Psyche, Couldn’t Even DARE Stare in the Eyes of Strangers, on Being Bullied

The case of a former newscast’s depression, caused by the rants of the online community, translated…

The former newscast, Yang from Sanli Television Station, yesterday on the discussion board of National Taiwan University, where she shared her experiences of seeking out a professional psychiatrist, about how last year, at the end of September, when she’d cohosted the talk show program, “The News from the Left, and from the Right”, with a namely talk show host, Ma, after the show was over, because she was misunderstood by the online community, and the online community trash talked her, it’d caused her psychological traumas, “I’d felt very low every single day, wanted to cry, filled with negative emotions constantly, seeing how the public had trash talked me, I’d wanted to kill myself too.” 659 more words

Experiences Of Life