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When the Music Died

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It’d just come, to a, DEAD HALT, followed by, that deafening sound of silence, spreading, throughout the entire room, affecting, its, “inhabitants”… 251 more words


Patchwork Love

My broken family
is a quilt;

a few decades of patchwork
makes for
bastard warmth
far from the thread count we
set out to
instill. 93 more words

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Families, Broken, from the Star...

How the Wind Blows

How the Wind Blows

Pentecost 135

Since I have been “under the weather”, a phrased used to imply illness brought on by existing weather conditions, it seemed like a good time to discuss a common theme found in mythology around the world but most especially in the mythologies of Egypt and Africa, two of our primary discussions for the month of October.  943 more words


Relality is a belief

Sometimes I feel like William.
A character no one really knows the appearance of.
A character no one truly understands and is left guessing…
Assuming that he’s a liar, but can he help it? 79 more words

Day 6. Nature is an Orchestra

Hello, humans. I hope this post finds you feeling well, strong, and confident. How are you feeling today? How is your connection? How is the frequency measuring up? 665 more words


Five Minute Free Writes 10/10/15-READY

Today’s Prompt: READY

My word for today is “READY” and when I saw this word, the first thing that entered my mind was “Are you ready to LISTEN?” 191 more words


The Year I’d Helped Facebook Become Facebook, Was the WORST Year of My Life as a Human: the Cost of Making it is Having Acute Liver Failure

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From his lips, from the Newspapers, translated…

The hi-tech industries is well known, for the high pays and the benefits for the employees, but, the longer work hours had become the trend of having acute liver failures, and the requirements for the workers to put “work first”, causing a lot of the workers to look glorious on the outside, but that, is a façade. 449 more words