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The Joys of Sharing


Back then, I’d come to Taipei to continue my education after high school, my classmates were from all over the nation, north, central, south, only I was from, the east, from Yuli, Hualien. 582 more words


A Soulless Kind of Democracy

Commentaries from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Perhaps, it’s destined, recently, the assortment of news reports had caused the Mayor of Taipei, Ke, the former head of research for the Central Scholar Agency, Weng, as well as, Tsao, a middle school who became a politician, to be linked to the infamous Taiwanese scam artists in Kenya. 425 more words


The Reality of Man Candy

Because I follow a lot of blogs and possibly because I share the interests of many women my age cough* cough*, my Facebook feed has become overwhelmed with photos of largely topless men and some who have only strategically placed items to protect what little modesty remains to them. 657 more words


Moving closer

Excited by the flirtation
Every move a revelation
She steps ever closer
Shedding her composure
Should she take a chance
Her heart before, was lanced… 41 more words


Desperate for Love

Desperate for love, she gets taken in,
Her need stops her checking the words on the tin,
Married and unhappy, feeling cheated of love,
Looking for her white knight, to love her no bluff, 151 more words


What does true diversity look like?

The following tweet turned up in my feed from Susie Sirman, from Alberta, Canada, a self-confessed “high school science and art teacher, learning coach, edtech enthusiast, busy mom and a terrible choice to follow on Twitter.” So I followed her. 213 more words


eX-tra eX-traodinary

*This is part of the A to Z challenge for April.

I spent last weekend thoroughly enjoying the beach. It was not warm enough to dive under the waves, but we did put our toes in the water. 324 more words