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Buddhism: Is this the Answer to Inequality, Poverty, and Injustice?

If you’ve ever reached a point in your life, where you seem unable to find the solutions, to calming your reactions to the everyday struggles of life, you may find yourself turning to Buddhism. 933 more words


Why Can't I Choose?

Why can’t I choose? Why can’t I choose something to believe in completely?

I believe in God, that much is true. But I don’t really believe all the things I’m supposed to as a Christian. 477 more words

What's true and what's not

Everything is possible

When we think it is

When we do believe

That everything is bliss

But are we what we are

Blind believers in this world… 78 more words

what i learned in sunday church

America is wed to the rebels and the revolutionaries,
To the immigrants and the insightful
And the inciteful, to every up-and-comer down on their luck… 238 more words


Personal Credo

For a homework assignment in my Feature Film Script writing class we had to write our personal credos, our deeply held beliefs. We had to focus on eight, and for my next eight posts I’ll be sharing one of my beliefs. 58 more words

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You are a paradox

Whatever your beliefs about how human beings came into fruition, it is undeniable that we are all made of the same skin and bones. However, one of life’s great paradoxes is, that although we are at our essence all the same, each of us is also uniquely individual. 288 more words


In the beginning, was BELIEF! : 2012 wave #4

continued from : 2012 wave #3

Let’s get started with my journey.
I am not sure where to start.
Seems to me, where ever I choose to ”begin”, 333 more words