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God Keeps His Promises

For those who feel far from God or are simply praying for answers to their situations; I want to share a true story that may offer you some hope. 660 more words


"Give me a 'G'! You got your G, you got your G!"

Birds chirping, the wind slightly cascading past my thin pale white arms cooling my body in need of colder temperatures; this moment was no accident, it was designed by myself and ultimately by God. 282 more words

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What is Inside, that goes on your Outside?

I recently read an intriguing post at Ancient Beauty,
regarding the largest organ of your body,
your skin.

The title first caught my attention, 247 more words


Greater Purpose? Understand your mind.

It’s a depressing thought really isn’t it? The thought that there really isn’t any greater purpose to all this. That all there is for us to do, is grow, consume, sleep, work, retire, have fun, procreate and finally die. 853 more words


Great Get GREAT

Taught me the Game call IT My OG

Learn on the JOB call IT living

To protect U.S against Jokers that’s Government

They use business to restrict monetary gain… 150 more words


The In Between

Question Authority. Question Everything.

It has been a fat minute since I have written on here! I just came back from a coffee and movie date with a friend of mine and I guess I’m feeling inspired to write. 1,267 more words


Forced Beliefs

From a very young age I was always taught to not ask questions and to just go with what I was told. I never questioned why my mother made me go to church… I just went. 580 more words

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