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Set yourself Free from Fear based Thoughts and Beliefs

When you talk about protecting yourself from bad energy (people, environment, pollutions etc.), you are actually talking about FEAR you have.

The emotion associating with fear is so limiting and place you in a cage with a padlock. 201 more words

Channelled Message

In the Shadows of the City

In the shadows of the city, is where, we all, learned, to grow up on our own, and yeah, sure, we have parents, but, they are all, USELESS, in the sense, of offering us the needed aid, to grow up safe and sound, and, many of us, rolling around, in the shadows of the city, were, taken as, hostages, by the shadows, and, of them, some died, some survived, and, went on, to do the work, for the shadows……… 140 more words


Hours Before She Passed Away...

Hours before she passed away, she lay, on her deathbed, still struggling, refusing, to let death, take her away, on his carriage, for she feared, what, was to come… 239 more words



Sometimes I think that people aged under 18 are strong believers. They are really believers in the best and can not afford another way of being. 185 more words


Macedonia’s Most Famous Mother

She was born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia (then Yugoslavia) to parents Nikola and Dranafile Bojaxhiu. At the age of 18, Agnes found her true calling and became Sister Mary Teresa – a name you perhaps have heard, but which still may have little special meaning to you. 419 more words


Having Good Neighbors Beats Having Relatives Who are Kind to You Far Away


From before, there was a saying, “Distant Relatives are Not as Helpful as Nearby Neighbors”, this may be the case, in those simpler places, but for those of us in the city, not saying about the neighbors helping one another out, sometimes, we’d lived in a place for three to five years, and still not know what our neighbors looked like, how many members are in the family, and there are, many cases where the neighbors got on one another’s bad sides because of pets, parking spaces, in order to have great neighbors, you must have the good luck, as well as the good karma too. 439 more words


Couches & Clouds

I woke up feeling like I’d run a marathon this morning, but without the endorphins. I’ve been sitting here sort of staring at the screen, then off into the distance, waiting for my eyes and mind to connect with my will power so I can get writing. 1,374 more words