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Share The Blame

Separate sides

With different aims


Yet they act the same

Each looking to fight

They stoke the flames

It’s only right

They share some blame… 66 more words


brains without methods

there’s nothing random about thoughts
they are all caught up, needly folded into a box
of a brain, but unfortunately when it rains on
parades and the rooms turn gloomy grays… 132 more words


Instead of Thinking, Start Acting

Comparing these two people, I’d preferred to live like the writer, wouldn’t you???  Translated…

From before when I thumbed across, “Don’t Let Your Age be the Barriers to Achieve Your Dreams”, I can very well, connect to it, I’d wanted, to shout out to all, to act on it, to make your own dreams a reality. 552 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Years of Memories, Captured by the Images

Why the photos should be developed, instead of just, saved onto the Clouds, translated…

My youth was with the photo developing shops all around.  As I was in love, a roll of thirty-six frames, I’d taken thirty-three photos of myself, posing, and, there were only three, that’s, saved for my handsome, but disliked getting pictures, my boyfriend; after I married, the world turned over upside down, the thirty-three pictures had my child’s naïve smiles, and, only three were, saved for me, to capture my life as a wife, as a mother. 608 more words

Experiences Of Life


And Its Subjective Transitions

The only journey is the journey within. Rainer Maria Rilke

 It is said that life is a journey, not a destination. It could also be said that life is an inner journey with inner transitions along the way. 494 more words


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

I am disgusted with prejudice and violence, intolerance and hatred.

I am disgusted with the leader of the free world when he can’t look evil in the face and name it, when he panders and pussyfoots around the issue, when he finds blame “on many sides,” when he doesn’t see that his words have power and how he and his rhetoric helped light those tiki torches in Virginia. 598 more words

What does it take to change strongly held beliefs?

When a person does something awful to a fellow human-being, there’s always more than one person who feels the pain. In many cases, those hurt include the perpetrator’s parents, who might have done everything they could to raise a caring adult… only to see things end badly. 869 more words

Truth And Reconciliation