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The Transsexual Myth

The transsexual myth

Now, I thought I might finish off my foray into sexual myths by saying something about transsexual/transgender people as part of the mythspace. 478 more words


To sum it up I'm pretty retarded

I might fail a lot

But it’s OK

I might be retarded

But I only know what i see

I can’t help but to write out loud… 57 more words

Indiana public school punishes 7-year-old with ‘banishment’ for not believing in God: lawsuit


A lawsuit recently filed against a teacher at Forest Park Elementary School in Indiana alleged that a 7-year-old student was “banished” from sitting with other students at lunch after he revealed that he did not believe in God. 389 more words

Daily News


When I was fourteen I wrote most of my dreams down in my diary, reporting anything interesting that happened during the nighttime just as regularly (or irregularly) as I did whatever happened at school or with my friends. 1,156 more words

PART 2 | Beggars DO ride: the power to transform childhood beliefs

Imagine growing up with the underlying assumption that you are a worthy and deserving person. Imagine that your existence is permeated with an unshakeable sense of purpose and rightness—that you know… 745 more words

The Vixen's Vault Radio Show

Tune in with Nancy Planeta and Sin Jones on iPBN.fm alternative Radio.  Reality or Perception?  How does Pop Culture affect our beliefs?  Does it truly embrace our ideological differences or is it destroying them? 12 more words

Sin Jones

Barack Obama's green plans could cripple America's economy

The economic costs of the President’s ill-conceived climate change drive will dwarf any benefits

By Richard Wellings

2:14PM BST 03 Aug 2015

 With the US recovery still sluggish, … 508 more words