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Rylah Reblog

This is not precisely a ‘reblog.’ I have decided to republish a Second Opinion newspaper column, submitted about 15 years ago, by my daughter, who now presents her opinions on her own… 476 more words


A Child Who’d Never Touched the Needles & Threads Knitted a Fuzzy Hat for an Eighty-Year-Old Elderly Man

Kindness in the world, from a young child in the elementary years, and what motivated him to do this is this desire, to help the elderly population stay warm through the winter season, from the… 535 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Entire Class Scored Low, and the Instructor “Embellished” Their Grades to Make the Class Look Better

And, the adult here, still did NOT set a better example for the younger generations, because the instructor wanted it to look better as a class, from the… 550 more words

Experiences Of Life

Have you lost sight of what you want from your life?

Have you lost sight of what you want from your life? It is little wonder if you have lost sight of who you are. Our upbringings, family and societal pressures fill our minds with thoughts and images of what we should be and how we should act and feel. 140 more words


Keep thinking about those delicious things you want to believe - and they will come true 

​”So what did we just say?

-You have to keep thinking the thought until it becomes.

You have to keep thinking the thought, until you believe it— and when you believe it — IT IS. 11 more words

How To Allow

Three Things I Believe

It seemed like fate. Or divine intervention. Or whatever teachers call it when it seems like the stars are aligning and a unit will start at exactly the right time. 1,604 more words

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