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True to my eclectic self.

That Along With

Creative Writing

DAY 760

I came to know today that everyone whom you think you can trust or maybe the one whom you respect… can’t be trusted.
As today the only things matters to most people are money. 125 more words

Keep Going

It’s never enough, I haven’t done enough neither have I try hard enough too. I feel like I could do more, so much more, but sometimes things just get the better of me. 74 more words


If You Want To Be Independent Start Asking For Help

Do you treat “help” like a 4-letter word?

What if you had more freedom to ask for what you wanted and for specific support from other people? 1,114 more words



I have long been a supporter of the LGBT community and today I hope to see the SCOTUS take a stand and strike down these ridiculous bans on marriage due to gender. 98 more words