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Calibre - Believe It

After a short break from releasing music’s finest format, Total Science’s CIA imprint is back with four tracks from arguably drum and bass’ premier producer. 195 more words


Don't Stop Creating

Inspiring cartoon. Write because you love it. Write because have something to say. Write because you believe it. Don’t stop creating.

L.M. Nelson, Author of the Scrubs series


Be good believer

If we want to have success in our life we need to be believe in work that we do and in the God who is the one and without him we are nothing. 132 more words


How to deal with worry and sadness ?

If we are sad and worry we need to be patient and to believe that those hard times will pas.

But how to be patient if we are in pressure and we do not know how to deal with it. 126 more words


Time, now

The time to make things happen is now.. #gotime


Now tell me who is the real follower of Jesus (pbuh)?

Now tell me who is the real follower of Jesus (pbuh)? This is a question of Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor who accept Islam some month early. And I will list his reasons why and how Muslims are like a Jesus (pbuh) and truer followers of Jesus than most Christians believer. 543 more words