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Sensitive Heart

To the people who mess with a sensitive heart.


You make promises, build bridges and scale walls around a guarded heart.
Then you warm the heart, melt down its defences, tell it tales and comfort it in its sorrows. 150 more words


When Dreams are Crushed

This week I’ve been packing. I’ll start bringing boxes to the ranch in May. I’ll only be there a couple of days before I need to get back here for Emma’s end of school and the rest of our appointments. 565 more words

From The Heart

Wait... There's More To Do?

First off, thank you as always for taking some time to read this blog.  It is entirely for you, a chance for you to read something that hopefully re-frames your mindset into something more positive.   891 more words

I am getting tired of this conversation

A simple definition of feminism from the merrian-webster dictionary: the belief that men and women SHOULD HAVE equal rights and opportunities.

Just like most organized groups, not everyone in the group will act or live the same way. 927 more words

This I Believe Essay

More than a Man

While reminiscing, I recalled my friend’s 8th birthday party. A magician was there. He picked the correct cards, made a bunny appear in his hat, and separated metal rings. 430 more words