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Types Of People Who Attend Church

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Five types of people who come to church:

1. They come out of obligation, as if they’re doing God a favor. 326 more words


Life is always beautiful, no matter what!

Life is a constant struggle. It is a huge arena where people are challenged and only those who are strong survive. Life’s challenges and difficulties sometimes, if not always, knock us and slow us down, hindering us from getting into that destination that we are eying for. 225 more words

Food For Thoughts

Patriotism Means Never Have To Say You're Sorry

When forefathers raised the flag that day
Birth of a nation by signature we so say
Patriotism, born with freedom, liberty
For God and Country together as family… 125 more words

Creative Writing


“Oh but drifter, you must not burden yourself the way you do. I believe you were meant for something much greater than what you see now. 27 more words

In debt with God

He, who says that he believes, he has put himself in debt with God.


So long a song.

Your saving grace is my light that guides me

And makes me outshine my mates 164 more words