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God Increases You

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

NO MATTER WHAT IS UP AGAINST YOU, God is MULTIPLYING YOU, against your enemies! The Lord your God has MULTIPLIED you, and, behold, YOU are this day as the stars of heaven for multitude. 178 more words


An Overview of Day 7

July 2017 – #BeABeliever

Believe: accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of.

Figuring out ways to believe in yourself and how to show others that you believe in them is essential in life. 638 more words


Towards the end

I believe in the crazy, unconditional, reckless love. The art of love comes effortlessly to me. Love in itself is an aphrodisiac, which gets me tripping. 492 more words

in the air

there’s a thrill and a chill…morning sun, day just begun… clouds so high like birds flying by…strong silhouette, trees dance in pirouette…what more could you ask…what more could you want…than the peace and the still…hoping and waiting for a song to fill…

Nature Photography


… despair about adversity.

It’s an opportunity to get stronger.



Just like a Rose,

You are mysterious.

To have so many thorns,

And say that you’re dangerous.

But the color of your crimson red petal… 58 more words

Take your writing to another level

Embrace our Dream – Dare – Deliver Roadmap

Here at Write and Make we set the challenge to take your writing to another level.

Rather than tread the well-worn and too often unsuccessful path of submitting your work to an agency or entering writing competitions hoping for ‘approval’, we suggest a parallel or alternative path to progress your writing. 1,206 more words