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M.I.A 2.0

So I finished uni and went back to Manchester where I did a lot of partying and thoroughly enjoyed killing a few (closer to half) of my brain and body cells. 317 more words

Walking in the light of love & Wisdom "1 John 1:1-10"

As parents we have the obligations to bring our children’s to walk in the light of love and wisdom of God.

What does it mean to walk in the light? 209 more words


Have you read the Book of Mormon?

First YouTube video is up! Hop on over to YouTube and subscribe to Book of Mormon Book Club so you don’t miss weekly study videos. Find out about… 20 more words

Book Club

Faith - as small as a mustard seed

That’s it. A mustard seed! That is what God wants us to have. I don’t know if you have ever seen a mustard seed but it is not big.. 325 more words


What are you waiting for?

Too often we wait! Wait to do what we believe God wants us to do until we have the resources to do it. If we profess faith and say we believe what God’s Word says God wants us to step up, step out trusting Him.  31 more words

Living Life Recovery

Bible Verse: Romas 10:10

For with heart man believes unto righeousness and with mouth confession is made unto Salavation. 


Gullible | Single girl problems

I literally never know when men are flirting with me. Unless they then go on to ask me out repeatedly and I finally work out what is going on (like when I was in… 476 more words

Single Girl Problems