Tags » Believing In Love

New Love

Leaning in, learning more about each other
I crave to know your soul
Our hands touch and send shivers through my body
Feeling goosebumps to my core… 74 more words


True Love

Cheesy love poems don’t flow from my soul
I am working to love myself and be the me I need to be
Both for me, and you, and us… 131 more words


Half The Battle Of Love Is Simply Believing In It

We want to simply love. We want to fold it up and put it in a little box, one with labels and compartments that are easily understood and acted upon. 670 more words

You're Not Weak, Your Love is Just Strong

You played your cards, you went all in and lost. It was a risk you took without hesitation, and to this day you don’t regret it. 647 more words

Memories by the Fire (Dec 2011)

The flame crackled and popped near my feet
I looked at the way the light danced on his features
As I was wrapped tight in his embrace… 110 more words


Love is winter

I was 5 years old sited in the front seat of my parent’s car when I made my first big discovery regarding love. I knew without a doubt that love was in fact winter in disguise. 1,068 more words