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Chiapas: Believing People of Simojovel continue to defend "life, peace, justice, freedom, and democracy" y democracia”

On 3 November by means of a public denunciation, the Believing People from the San Antonio de Pádua parish in Simojovel expressed gratitude for the accompaniment by all those who have walked beside them, reviewing the different meetings of the past few months as well as the mass-pilgrimage from Simojovel to Tuxtla Gutierrez. 292 more words

Indigenous People

Chiapas: Native peoples pilgrim for peace, for life against violence and dispossession

On July 28th and 29th, a pilgrimage was carried out, organized by the pastoral staff, deacons and coordinators of the Tojolab’al Mission where close to 5,000 tojolab’ales, tseltales, tsotsiles y mestizos were brought together. 409 more words


Chiapas: Believing People of Chenalhó pronounces itself in favor of the closure of cantinas in the municipality

Chenalhó church (@Koman Ilel)

In a communique published on 23 June, Catholics from the Chenalhó parish who make up part of the Believing People pronounced themselves in favor of the closure of cantinas and alcohol dispensaries in their municipality. 279 more words

Human Rights

Chiapas: Believing People of El Bosque march for a halt to violence in their region

On June 6, around 2,500 members of the Believing People of El Bosque peregrinated to demand attention to the problems experienced in the region such as violence, corruption, drug trafficking, lack of basic services such as access to health and water potable. 267 more words

Human Rights