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Night Snorkeling in Caye Caulker

Considering all of the places that we have traveled to, I was surprised that I had never heard of night snorkeling before we traveled to Belize. 545 more words


Major Update: I am Going to Belize

I know I have released a number of posts that I have described as important announcements. It is not my intention to create hype, but this notification is the most critical yet. 723 more words

Big Cats

Monochrome Monday: Croc Teeth

As frightening as the Jaguar or the Puma, the Croc spikes my fear. It’s a combination of always showing the wicked teeth and knowing it attacks in murky waters, silently, stealthily, deadly. 36 more words


Looking up is for chumps

I have just spent two and a half weeks on an isolated Caribbean island. “Oh no, poor you”, I hear you say. I know, right? My tan has never looked better, and all the fresh air and scuba dives have left me feeling chilled out and peaceful. 177 more words


It's a Company Thing

The other day Skydive Belize (the other skydiving company on the island) paid us a visit. Both companies wanted to have each of their instructors and Skydive Belize’s pilot go on fun jumps (they jump their own parachute without a tandem student attached to them), so Skydive Belize crossed the runway and climbed aboard Skydive San Pedro’s Cessna! 207 more words


9 Day Belize Itinerary (and costs!)

Are you debating traveling to Belize but not sure if you can afford it? Thanks to Belize’s affordability, it would be easy for someone even on a restricted travel budget to experience the country. 529 more words



So the funny thing (well… a funny thing) about starting a new business in a foreign country is that everyone has more than one job title. 422 more words