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Recycle a plastic cola bottle - scouring pad bowl & bell jar

I originally was going to make a post about using the scalloped shaped bottoms of plastic bottles as a holder for a scouring pad. I discovered that the scalloped design helped the scouring pad dry better. 172 more words


Chapter One: I am, I am, I am

Death is nostalgia mixed with emptiness. A feeling of what was and what might have been, and what wasn’t and what will never be. Death is light and beautiful in its utter meaninglessness. 690 more words

August/September Calendar

The new school year is underway, and with it comes an assortment of calendars.

Our first few weeks will take us through deeper study of our three summer reading texts– 95 more words


Elizabeth Arden® Gift in the Round

Nothing gets my wife’s attention quicker in cosmetics than a free gift. Occasionally I have even seen her buy the cosmetics as a gift for someone, just to get the premium. 442 more words

Store Fixtures

Elizabeth Arden® Gift in a Cube

If you run our of round Bell Jars for your premium promotion, try a switch to Cubic Musem Case as here with Elizabeth Arden®. The square shape also better echo the right angles of the Die-Cut Dimensional Signage … the the round glass table works well too. 551 more words

Store Fixtures

Classic Pleading Revival Collective

weave a mystery magic scape

and drag my relenting flesh

across its roads.

take me to the highest peak

and fling me over

its jagged unexplored. 55 more words


Classic Bawl-out Misery Collective

go knocking on doors,

proclaiming you’re alive,

and that being buried,

only served to kill your pride,

that being exhumed

has brought an explanation

for the dullness of your life, 11 more words

Black Wax