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I have never been anything.

I cannot speak, I have no tongue.

I cannot write, my fingers bleed.

I cannot walk for the sores on my soles.

I cannot climb, my knees are weak. 11 more words

Black Wax

Esther, part eight; the last.


Imperfections give character
to art
to people
Imperfections often come from experiences
scars come from experiences
physical, or mental
Imperfections give character
we are our imperfections


Esther, part seven.

Fictitious Self

my fictitious self is everything I am
and all I am not.
she is nothing I never want to be
and sometimes what I might want to be. 28 more words


Esther, part six.

A Full Stomach Hunger

Glittering promise
sing song swears of happiness and joy
cardboard love, declared on cheerful, empty cards.
the day on which Christ was most definitely not born. 7 more words


There are lines on my skin.

I shed my clothes, my skin, my bones

I stand naked in the center

of the barren winter field.

In the distance

the mist gathers, 35 more words

Black Wax

Esther, part five.


two roads, or three; sixteen?
once there were sixteen
once they were infinite,
they are no longer.
three roads lay before me
I do not know which to take. 54 more words


A Favourite Bottled Rose - Rose de Nuit by Serge Lutens

Rose petals on hot skin…

Notes of Turkish rose, yellow jasmine, apricot, amber, musk, sandalwood and beeswax

If I was forced by The Perfume Police to wear one kind of fragrance for the rest of my life, it would probably be rose. 368 more words

Perfume Reviews