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Noshin' on Nachos

Sometimes I’m hungry for a snack a bit heartier than an orange. I scavenged around the cabinets looking for something to satisfy my hunger. A bag of tortilla chips lead me to drool as I remembered my favorite after-school snack. 119 more words


Mexi-Stuffed Peppers

When I was younger and still living with my mother she would make stuffed peppers at least once a month.  It was one of her favorite meals because it was super easy: ground beef, rice, tomato sauce, some spices, and a couple of bell peppers… done! 995 more words

Main Dish

Whole30: Ratatouille

Today’s meal is Ratatouille which is a French side dish of stewed vegetables. This tastes so delicious and has barely any seasoning. Just goes to show how much natural flavor vegetables have that they dont always need much “help”. 170 more words


Incredible Egg!

I am all for eggs, give me anything made with egg and voila! you’ll be my favorite person in the room.

Eggs are really versatile and are used widely from savory to sweet dishes. 469 more words

Poached Eggs Paprika

Poached Eggs Paprika recipe by Ninik Becker.

This recipe is inspired from ‘Shakshouka’. The difference is, in this recipe I used very simple seasonings and added carrots, and eat it with spaghetti. 190 more words

Egg Recipe

Mr(s) Grasshopper Visits My Pepper Plants Again

Yesterday and the day before I took new pictures of a grasshopper on my green pepper plants. At first glance I thought (or wanted to believe) that it was the same fellow (or gal?) that I had featured in my post called “Getting Closer with Mesh” . 196 more words

Organic Vegetable Garden

Green Thumb

I have a green thumb. No really, it actually turned green. At the end of Day 2, I am dirty, tired, sweaty, and incredibly happy. 428 more words