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The Rewrite

The woes of the one-hit wonder have been cleverly documented on film all too well. Movies like Barton Fink and Wonder Boys have tackled the subject exquisitely and numerous scribes throughout history have fallen victim to this unfortunate case of writer’s block. 502 more words

An eye for an eye ‘The Curse of Downers Grove’ - movie review

High school for some can really be a drag. All across America schools have traditions and rivalries that for some can be more than a young mind can handle. 620 more words

Horror Movie Reviews

"The Curse of Downers Grove" Review

I’m not sure what you’d expect from a collaboration between Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) and Derick Martini (Lymelife), but what you get is  486 more words


Film Review: 'The Curse of Downers Grove'

Although it’s being marketed as a horror film, “The Curse of Downers Grove” turns out to be something else — a messy hash of teen soap opera, stalker thriller and whatnot whose titular, possibly supernatural aspect is basically irrelevant. 696 more words


Cinema Penitentiary Diaries August 11-19, 2015

  1. Aloha Reviewed
  1. The Runner Reviewed
  1. Spasmo The title alone has secured this Lucio Fulci giallo an undeserved reputation. One of the many international attempts to outdo “Psycho,” the story is strange, but no stranger than Bava’s “Hatchet for a Honeymoon.” Memorable for the surreal images of murdered life-sized dolls posed in natural environments.
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Film Review: Not Fade Away

For a man who lamented television as ‘an outgrowth of radio’ in that it was all ‘yakyakyak’, it took David Chase well over 35 years to leave the TV industry with his 2012 feature debut Not Fade Away. 1,044 more words


Cast "The Curse of Downers Grove" in This New Trailer

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming horror tale The Curse of Downers Grove, and it looks like a wildly good time. With a fantastic cast and some notable names attached, this is definitely one to keep an ‘eye’ out for in the coming months. 140 more words