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Going home :(

After a wonderful week back in a Christmassy Bella Italia, I was off home. Although this wasn’t as long a trip as I’d usually take, it was enough to leave me feeling refreshed: I’d visited some beautiful places, stayed with some great people and (of course) drunk some good wine! 165 more words


As in the UK, I woke up this morning to a thick blanket of snow. Although unlike at home, the temperature shot up today to a whopping 7 or 8 degrees so this snow soon started to melt and turn into a mush. 313 more words

Brescia & Desinzano del Garda 

Paolo left for work early so, as I’m not travelling far today, I was able to take my time this morning. I had my tea, a read then eventually wrapped up, braved the cold and headed out. 544 more words

Brescia & Monte Croce

I’ve been meaning to visit Brescia for a long time as it’s one of the few major cities in the north that I haven’t been to. 502 more words

Mountains, Bassano & Marostica

Waking up to a brilliant blue sky after weeks of British grey was fantastic. Even when I went outside and found (unsurprisingly) that the temperature didn’t match, it didn’t matter. 638 more words

Arsiero, Folagaria & Rovereto

My early wake up wasn’t as bad as expected and it did mean I got to see the sun rise over the old city. Not a bad sight to wake up to although, again, this bright sky is deceptive; there’s ice on the roofs and I can still see my breath. 837 more words

Goodbye England, Ciao Italia! 

How much stuff do you need for a week? This much…

And, as usual, I feel like I’ve over packed. I mean do I need two pairs of trousers? 80 more words