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Non ho scritto niente su questo blog per tanto tempo… che devo dire, che alla fine sono tedesca e ogni tanto mi piace il silenzio? Non sarebbe la verità .. 497 more words



I didn’t know before that cactuses have fruits, but they do and these fruits are sold in the supermarkets as I saw in Lago Maggiore. Now I am staying in the place where they are just growing wild next to where I park my car, in fact the cactuses grow nearly everywhere on the island and have yellow-orange-pinkish fruits which taste so good (but have nasty thorns from outside and hard seeds from inside). 72 more words

Bella Italia

The island of Elba | остров Эльба

Dear miseur Napoleon, how could you leave such a paradise?

Needless to say that Elba is endlessly beautiful! Officially it is part of Tuscany but nature and climate are nearly tropical here from my feelings, the vegetation is very different: lots of huge palms and cactuses, giant pines. 121 more words

Bella Italia

Where Lilli lives | Где живёт Лилли

This tuscan villa can be called an animal villa – so many various animals are living here. Three red cats you saw, chicken, ducks, lots of parrots in the huge cage, three dogs (speaking of dogs, the owners have a setter who won the prize of the most beautiful dog in the world on some famous dogs competition (I am totally no expert in this). 99 more words

Bella Italia

The view to the Tuscan hills

Wearing jogging shorts and sunglasses, sitting outside with a beautiful Tuscan view – this is my type of September!

Day 24 of my vacation and day 8 in Italy out of 80-days vacation of mine. 119 more words

Bella Italia

A fun day out at Gardaland

Back in May, our Digital Marketing Executive, Matthew enjoyed a week at Bella Italia in Lake Garda. One of the highlights of his holiday was a day out at the brilliant theme park, … 336 more words


Minion Mayhem at the Movies

When you’re ten years old, the time for birthday parties is past.

Well, not quite, but there’s a higher level of sophistication expected by your guests. 447 more words