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Flaws of the 'Flawless': Bella Swan

When I was a few years younger, I was very much invested in the young adult fiction series, The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer, much like many teens were. 717 more words


Mary Sue

Recently I was a part of a panel for heroines in Urban Fantasy and one of the questions that kind of stumped most of the authors was a question about Mary Sue’s. 484 more words


Bella Swan

Socionics: ESI-Fi
Enneagram: 9w8
Instinctual Stacking: Sp/Sx
Tritype: 946, The Seeker


Meet the Parents: Twilight Chapter 15

When most people find out they’re going to meet a family of vampires, they panic. Not Bella. She’s far in too love to realize the danger that she’s getting herself into. 1,542 more words


Chronicle 3: Kristen Stewart

For girls of twelve or thirteen, it’s the norm to begin experimenting with facial expressions and mirrors. However when you’ve just starred alongside Jodie Foster in a hit blockbuster, things are a bit different. 511 more words

Chronic Bitch Face

Welcome to Vampire Fanfiction Central

Welcome to Vampire Fanfiction Central (VFC).  This blog is dedicated to my favorite fandoms and pairings.  I have yet to be brave enough to try my hand at writing my own fanfiction but I have read a lot so I thought why not put it together in one place. 258 more words

Bella Swan