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Confession of a Clumsy Girl

I hate Bella Swan from Twilight. She epitomizes clumsy as sexy. She attracts two handsome creatures who are always there to rescue her. She can cause problems but emerge unscathed. 360 more words


Twilight: New Moon...a Thousand Years Later

This is a review of the movie Twilight: New Moon, which I am completely aware came out nine years ago. Turn back now if that sort of thing doesn’t interest you. 892 more words

Bella Swan

The Hunter and the Lamb Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Or how to kill all canon characterisation dead.

And so it begins. Or, more accurately, it all goes downhill from here. 2,644 more words


Why Twilight is so bad, but I like it anyways

It was about time I wrote this blog post. It needs to be done. I recently began re-reading Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight series documenting teenage Bella’s obsession with her sparkly stalker vampire boyfriend Edward. 1,945 more words


Twilight (Stephenie Meyer) (Book review I originally posted on Amazon)

Something that could have been better had it been better worked on 

How to give a good critique of Twilight without offending any of its fans? 952 more words


MEANT TO BE ♢ Chương Sáu

Chương Sáu: Edward Cullen

By Khánh Linh

Lần đầu tiên tôi biết đến Gerda, không phải là khi ba Carlisle nhắc tới cô ấy với cả gia đình, mà là vào ngày đầu tiên chúng tôi đến trường học. 7,469 more words