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Twilight Tuesday: Loving a Werewolf

Happy Twilight Tuesday! I’ve just finished New Moon and am on chapter 3 of Eclipse, but there were a few things in book 2 of the saga that I found quite interesting. 357 more words


"Meet" your blogger

So it occurred to me readers probably wonder what I look like. Well here are a couple pictures of me in my past Twilight cosplays. It’s been a few years since these have been taken respectfully 2009 but still they are great pictures. 114 more words

Bella Swan

Eat the Food! Twilight, Chapter Eight

If you save a girl from getting mugged (and worse) by four guys, there are only two things you can do. You can drive her back to her home, or you can take her out to an Italian restaurant. 925 more words


Why Bella Swan from Twilight is Probably the Most Annoying Fictional Character Ever

Let’s face it, most of us have thought about this at one point or another. I had to post this when I found that  Rant and Rave About Books… 902 more words


Bella Swan – Our Lady of Young Love

you meet a boy in high school
moody, beautiful boy
just the right amount of danger
and hunger
and you tell yourself this is love… 232 more words

30 By 30 Challenge

How Twilight Impacted My Life

This is how Twilight made a difference in my life. Fair warning this may be fairly long and a little discombobulated at times but I hope this makes sense. 894 more words

Bella Swan

Bella Googles Vampires: Twilight, Chapter Seven

Back in my day, when I wanted to research a topic, I went to the library and read books that I could hold in my hands. 1,396 more words