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I Still Believe in Twilight 


still, a gut wrenched
mixture of intensity

grief and deep joy
a juxtaposition of us

I was like Bella
you, my Edward

and I wasn’t afraid… 94 more words

Jodine Derena Butler


Being a book blogger from a country outside of US or Europe is really #struggleisreal. I envy those book bloggers or booktuber who are able to attend a book event such as Book Con, YALLWEST, and many more. 1,104 more words

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Breaking Dawn - Review 

4/5 stars

I’m trying to decide if I liked this book or really liked it (to give it 3 or 4 stars). If you read my previous reviews (goodreads), you would probably find me adding the fact that I was looking forward to reading Breaking Dawn the most. 1,140 more words


The Hunter and the Lamb Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – 

Or how Bella is conveniently in the right place at the right time.

This chapter Bella meets her new besties who love her instantly despite her being a pile of crap and the author somehow forgets her own timeline. 4,048 more words

Bella Swan

The Hunter and the Lamb Chapter 1

Here it is, the seven chapter fic that basically massacres my favourite TV show. You ready?

No, neither are we.

Chapter 1 – Bella is a bitch. 2,339 more words

Bella Swan

Hunter and the Lamb - Intro and Counts

Well, have you ever watched Supernatural and thought ‘Hey! What this show needs is a whiny, irrational, stereotypical Sue clinging onto Dean Winchester for no reason other than the Suethor thinks he’s hot?’ Then this fic is for you. 928 more words

Bella Swan

My Blog Post Went Viral?!

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Image Content: Shocked Taylor Swift grabbing her hair

No, not all my posts go viral. That’s why this is odd.

Most of my posts get views in the double digits, but for some reason, this post has a whopping THREE HUNDRED VIEWS. 83 more words