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The Hunter and the Lamb chapter 2

Chapter 2
Or how Bella is conveniently in the right place at the right time 4,024 more words

Bella Swan

The Hunter and the Lamb Chapter 1

Here it is, the seven chapter fic that basically massacres my favourite TV show. You ready?

No, neither are we. 2,325 more words

Bella Swan

Hunter and the Lamb - Intro and Counts

Well, have you ever watched Supernatural and thought ‘Hey! What this show needs is a whiny, irrational, stereotypical Sue clinging onto Dean Winchester for no reason other than the Suethor thinks he’s hot?’ Then this fic is for you. 925 more words

Bella Swan

My Blog Post Went Viral?!

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Image Content: Shocked Taylor Swift grabbing her hair

No, not all my posts go viral. That’s why this is odd.

Most of my posts get views in the double digits, but for some reason, this post has a whopping THREE HUNDRED VIEWS. 83 more words

Book Review "Twilight"


I have been reading the “Twilight” Serious by Stephanie Meyer. I finished the first book “Twilight” which is 498 pages, and I could not put the book down. 341 more words

Bella & Jasper Fanfiction

Stories that feature the pairing of Jasper Hale/Whitlock also known as “the Major” and Bella Swan. As always stories are complete. I will list any other stories that are related to the completed story listed if I am aware of the story. 4,236 more words


Bella Wants to Live Forever: Twilight, Chapter 24, Part 2

If someone loves you and you love them back, the least you can do is make them immortal. To do otherwise would be very selfish. 1,351 more words