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Real American Wrestleblog Live Reactions - Extreme Rules 2015 - Diva's Championship

Naomi comes out with new music to go with her new attitude.    I think the Bellas may be almost done with the company, so they may be building Naomi to take over as the top heel diva and work against Charlotte and Paige over the summer.   272 more words


Episode 102: Re-ranking The Total Divas


So, last week, I just talked about some of the things I would like to talk about in the future. And, since it was the week after Wrestlemania, I had wrestling/sports entertainment on the mind. 1,266 more words

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The Bella Twins Want A 'Total Divas' Spin-Off That Is Even MORE About The Bella Twins

If you watch the Divas division on Raw, you know it’s all about the Bella Twins. If you watch ‘Total Divas,’ you know it’s all about the Bella Twins. 261 more words


Are The Bella Twins Contemplating Spin-off To Total Divas?

The Bella Twins spoke with BANG! Showbiz while promoting the European tour. Check out some highlights:

Nikki on a possible Total Divas spinoff:

“Brie and I definitely want to do a spin-off; a show which will focus on our family and also includes our men.

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Giving Divas A Chance

For the past two months, wrestling fans and even wrestlers have been talking about a movement within the WWE. No, not the Yes Movement, famed by Daniel Bryan, but a different movement; a movement for the female talent on the WWE roster. 499 more words


AJ Retires

What the fuck? I’m not sure of the whole story here with CM Punk seeing as I’ve only been watching consistently now since just before, Randy Orton, was taken out by the Authority, and benched for four months. 122 more words

WrestleMania 31

AJ Lee retires from WWE

Former 3-time Divas Champion and Former RAW GM, AJ Lee a.k.a. April Mendez retires from “In-ring competition with WWE” 246 more words

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