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How To Tell If You're Living in the Sky

When you’re looking at the sky you’re in, no problem. You can’t see it.

Then the problems start. How do you tell this sky … 40 more words

Nature Photography

Mr. Nobel, You Have a Lot to Answer For

Human spring.

Bella Vista Spring.

Human spring.

Bumblebee Spring.

Human Spring.

Coyote’s Front Yard Spring.

Human Spring.

Okanagan Lake Spring.

Dynamite Spring.

Deer Trail Spring. 12 more words

Nature Photography

Butterflies and Meadowlarks on a Cold Spring Day

Windy day up on the hill. No bees, but many flowers making themselves all pretty for them.

That’s a beautiful flower. When you’re from this place, it’s the only one for you, the one that pulls at your heart. 108 more words

Nature Photography

First the Seed then the Flower

It begins.

Arrow-leafed Balsam Root Looking for the Sun

No one Need Look Alone

Nature Photography

My Mijas Adventures and Experiences

Goodness how quickly the winter months have gone by! It seems like a few hours ago that I returned to my “Costa del Sol” mountainside perch overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 1,132 more words

Barry Day

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