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7 Remedies To Have On Hand For Hot Weather

We are moving into the hottest weather of the year.  It is not too late to get these remedies and keep them handy with the instructions on what to take, just in case you need them. 625 more words




  • Not to be confused with Bellona
  • Rank: Archon
  • Type: Edenic (Lemurian Dreamer)
  • Realm: Bottomless Pit (Dark Sea Of Awareness)
  • Qualities: Thanatos, Death & Passion, Instinct, Substantial, Quality, Essence, Power, Richness, Fortitude, Invisibility, Speed, Perfect Dark, Dark Sea Of Awareness, Ouroborus, Amrita Nadi-Ouroborus (Feminine), Infinite Circuit, Replenishment, Womb…
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South of the garden shed is an area heavily shaded by the neighbor’s large tree. This is where our compost pile is, a small wood pile and the two rain barrels that collect water from the shed roof. 291 more words


The Devil's Berries Grow Wild

A few weeks ago I noticed this beautiful vine creeping up our pool deck, dripping with clusters of pretty purple flowers.  I hadn’t noticed it before, probably because I spend much more time back there now that we have the chicken coop set up near the backside of the pool. 335 more words

In The Garden


Nestis! Dare I use your true name?
Dare I pull your shade over my mind?
The crops have withered beyond return
and yet they return unwithered. 46 more words

Belladonna, by Anne Bishop

The second book in the Ephemera series lacks the yearning romance of the first, but this well-written fantasy for grown-ups allows you to disappear into its broken world and come to know Glorianna and Michael, who try to save it, even if it means they’ll be separated forever.


Penny Dreadful S02 E06: Glorious Horrors

On last week’s episode of “Penny Dreadful,” we had a betrayal, a love fest, and a death. Blame it on the Voodoo, if you want, but Madame Kali is only guilty of the death. 705 more words