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The Pernicious Diaries


Atropa belladonna

Also, Known As

  • Belladonna
  • Deadly Nightshade
  • Devil’s Cherries
  • Devil’s Herb
  • Divale
  • Dwale
  • Dwayberry
  • Great Morel
  • Naughty Man’s Cherries

The plant commonly known as the belladonna is a medium sized perennial shrub. 1,708 more words


The Pernicious Diaries ~ Belladonna - Part 2

Plant Parts Used:

Root, leaf.

Remedies from Belladonna:

Remedies prepared from the belladonna plant are normally prescribed to bring a relaxing effect on distended organs; this is particularly beneficial for patients with problems in the stomach and the intestines. 1,636 more words


The Pernicious Diaries ~ Belladonna - Part 3

Habitat and Cultivation of Belladonna.

The belladonna is cultivated worldwide, but it was originally a native species of Europe, growing in the wild in parts of Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa. 1,834 more words


6 Best Homeopathic Remedy for Common Injuries

What is a Homeopathic Remedy?

Homeopathic remedy is based on a holistic approach to health that addresses disease by stimulating the body’s own healing powers. The meaning of Homeopathy is: “Homeo” meaning similar, and “Pathos” meaning suffering.” It is also known as “Homeopathic Medicines”. 686 more words


Bella Donna

You love to hate her

Her poisonous smile aches your heart

But once you’re in her claws

There is no depart

Her glance, Her smile, Her voice… 75 more words


Some common homeopathic remedies

There are many, many homeopathic remedies, and a small number are in everyday use all around the world.

I love that global-feeling that goes with Naturopathy. 297 more words

Poison love

My naiveté bore my death,
Wide eyed
I plunged my efforts into this duel called marriage
But broken wasn’t in my vocabulary to act as internal alarm, 444 more words