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The Use Of Homeopathy Is World Wide

Homeopathy is used all over the world. And it has been used since the early 1800’s when the German physician Dr. Samuel Hahneman developed it. 370 more words

Classical Homeopathy

Belladonna Medical Uses

Despite its toxicity, belladonna has some alleviative benefit. The chemicals atropine and scopolamine, which are acquired from belladonna, accept important alleviative properties.

Atropine and scopolamine accept about the aforementioned uses, but atropine is added able at adequate beef spasms and acclimation affection rate. 92 more words

Herbal Extracts

Queens of anal sex. What porn actresses became known for this type of sex!

Undoubtedly, we can say that anal sex has become increasingly desirable for modern couples who want to spice up sex life. The more films for adults predominantly anal sex scenes are watched most often with their spouse. 19 more words


Treating Colds and Flu naturally

Most people are exposed to cold and flu germs on a regular basis but more noticeably during change of season and Winter. In this blog I will cover some simple treatments both homeopathic and nutritional you can use at home for cold and flu as well as a little advice on managing fever. 893 more words

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Belladonna, the magic fever remedy!

Belladonna, a well known fever remedy, is so effective in managing high fevers that almost every family with a home kit of sorts surely has it. 98 more words


Such A Storm ... NaPoriMo, day 26.

Such a storm is brewing

That will shake the faith of priests,

Move mountains, leave

Devastation’s awe behind.

See the unholy bruise-glow pressure

Build over the Marches, the… 176 more words

Poetry Perhaps?

Plants as murder Weapons in Mystery Novels

Plants make excellent murder weapons in mystery novels because they are perceived to be innocent, innocuous and mild-mannered. In general we don’t think of plants as being dangerous and capable of violence. 326 more words

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