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I Promise Not To Kill You

My thirteen-year-old child is not as enthusiastic about my new hobby as I thought he would be. My son generally is into the wackadoodle, too, and he loves adventure books in which the young hero possesses special knowledge that enables him to slay the dragon or save the village or whatever. 1,201 more words


Circumcision Services | Brooklyn NY - BellaDonna Medical P.C

Circumcision in the male refers to the surgical removal of the prepuce (ie, foreskin) of the penis. The procedure is centuries old and continues to be performed

Fetal Monitoring Services | Brooklyn NY - BellaDonna Medical P.C

The main goal of antepartum fetal surveillance in Brooklyn is to identify the fetus that will benefit from early intervention, such as in utero resuscitation or

Labor and Delivery Services | Brooklyn NY - BellaDonna Medical P.C

During delivery, the doctor or midwife will help you give birth to your baby. When a baby comes out of a woman’s vagina, it’s called a “vaginal delivery.” 6 more words

Obstetrics / Prenatal Care | Brooklyn NY - BellaDonna Medical P.C

Prenatal care should be initiated in the first trimester, ideally by 10 weeks of gestation since some prenatal screening and diagnostic tests can be performed