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Belladonna Couture - Sweetheart dress

Dress comes in 5 sizes and includes a pair of white panties.

Model/Photographer:  Jaily Bailey

Location:  Calas Galadhon


Outfit:  Belladonna Couture – Sweetheart dress with panty… 19 more words

Second Life

Year of Grace. Day 96. My mother’s gardens

My splendidly blooming amaryllis reminded me of one of my mother’s pot plants — pink lilies that she doted on and called Lirio (Sp. ‘lily’). They could have been pink belladonna amaryllis, but the belladonnas that I’ve seen have a different petal shape – they turn up their tips like sultan’s slippers, much like the sensuous curves on my amaryllis. 794 more words


Deadly Nightshade or Belladonna vs. Safe Nightshade Foods

Nightshade foods are some of our most popular, nutritious and tasty options, but there’s some confusion and concern over the poisonous nature of these Solanaceae… 570 more words


Dead Man Walking

This was worse than it had ever been. She stepped over another form and her heart sunk even further. Though she should not have been surprised at the carnage that surrounded his place; without their father’s protection, the attempts to wipe her brother’s existence from the courts would increase. 983 more words


Belladonna - Understanding Furious Patient

Today I am writing about Belladonna.

Why? I just asked my mother for the suggestion and she suggested writing something on Belladonna. So here I go. 297 more words


3 Natural Poisons That Kill (Your Fictional Characters)

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A pretty plant, isn’t it?

Don’t be fooled by the little fairy-like flowers. This is Conium Maculatum, better known as Hemlock. 327 more words


Next Pick: Belladonna by Karen Moline

And we’re back(ish) after a lil break to move to new cities for new jobs. That means that we have to start on Belladonna by Karen Moline, which might be good, but since it features secret identities, reclusive heiresses and another goddamn Club, probably won’t be.  69 more words