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In-Home Family Photos | Bellevue Family Photographer

This incredible family hires me several times a year for photos in their home, and it never gets old. On this particular shoot, we captured the holiday decorations, and then went down the street to see the neighbors horses, and then stopped by the nearest park for some fun candid moments. 29 more words

Secret Garden | Bellevue Family Photographer

Do you know there’s a secret garden in Bellevue? It has blossoms late into the summer where little children can find more hidden secrets around each corner. 7 more words

Autism in College Students Fact Sheet

The Autism Spectrum Navigators program at Bellevue College (Bellevue, WA), has as its mission, the provision of access services for autistic students that lead to successful academic outcomes while providing educational opportunities that increase self-knowledge in the areas of executive functioning, self-regulation, social interaction, self-advocacy and career preparation. 17 more words

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