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Pokemon 069 - 071

Either these were super easy or my tablet and stylus really loved each other haha.. less than 2 hours and I finished these up =)


pkmn challenge: 069 - 071

Posting two days in a row? You better believe it!

069 Bellsprout, 070 Weepinbell, 071 Victreebel

Trying for better line economy in my sketches so that I can skip the lineart process entirely. Ah, laziness. :P


Shiny Bellsprout!

Last night I found my 24th shiny pokemon on Pokemon Y; a shiny Bellsprout!

I decided to EV train my previously caught shiny Scraggy… 116 more words


Who's that Pokemon?

Feeling a little nostalgic…

Surfing through the monotonous memes, pictures and status’s on Facebook, I chance upon a classic image from my childhood.  Those who grew up watching the first season of Pokemon should remember, before every ad break a screen would pop up. 160 more words


Pokemon – #19 Pokemon (Blue) – Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Victreebel

– 18 Sleep Powder
– 38 (Weepinbell) Razor Leaf
– TM Body Slam
– TM Rest

Victreebel is a very solid Grass type, who if you don’t choose Bulbasaur, is one of the best options for one, even being weak to the overpowered Psychic type. 144 more words

Cross stitch, much?

Once upon a time, I bought some things to start cross stitching. A starter kit with pattern, thread, needles, fabric and a frame. The pattern was of a cow taking a bath. 480 more words