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Belly Dancing

So my dad in his spare time is a yoga instructor at a Universal Spirits. At this studio they do a variety of different kinds of yoga, dance, belly dance, meditation, ect. 96 more words


Tbdress Reviews - Sexy Indian Women Costume

Perhaps you have seen how Indian women are good in pole dancing. This type of dancing has got the attention of many. However, not all will notice that the dance has its own costumes. 183 more words

Tbdress Reviews

Belly Dancing Course

Belly Dancing Course is an online belly dance class that has been gaining in popularity, but is it effective? Here’s a review of its pros and cons.  448 more words

Belly Dancing Course

Different Types of Dance Costumes

Belly Dancing Costumes

Belly dancing is a beautiful and popular dance form. It is popular mainly because of two reasons. The first being its various dancing steps and the other being its dress. 498 more words

Belly Dancing Costumes

Yes, I Believe We've Already Met

I get a kick out of meeting someone who is a cliché embodied. It produces a pleasant feeling of a world completed, of everything arranging itself without any of my involvement, yet not veering out of control. 7 more words


My First Bra - at 43!

This is the project that was the turning point in my sewing obession. Prior to this all my projects were “glue sewed”.  I was so adverse to using a needle and thread that I glued everything using either white glue, glue sticks or iron-on glue tape.  358 more words

Belly Dancing Costumes

"To Be."

Only in fire and dancing have I found the ability to live so completely for the moment. “To be here now, to now be here, to now be nowhere,” as the saying goes. 61 more words

Dear Diary