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Calories and you

I have been doing my plan for almost a year and a half now. I’m not good at it. I screw up all the time. But I am also well on my way to being a healthier version of myself every day. 493 more words

How to Lose Belly Fat Without Equipment

This losing fat is an article about how to lose fat fast, easy, effective and belly without spending a fortune on equipment loss fat or gym membership belly fat. 844 more words

Lose Belly Fat

Eating Plans for Belly Fat Loss

The 3:2:1 Plan

The “eat less, exercise less” approach can be thought of as a 3:2:1 plan. The “3” stands for three meals per day. The “2” means two of those meals should be mostly protein and fiber with less starch. 294 more words



There is a saying … “just because you Googled it, doesn’t make it true”  … same goes for Pinterest, just because you see a photo with instructions doesn’t necessarily mean it works. 202 more words

Belly Fat Loss With This Tips

How to lose belly fat and handles? If you are a man or a woman, we are all looking to lose their accounts. Fortunately, there are solutions, and sometimes you just need to follow some tips to refine the silhouette. 1,539 more words


Skinny Fat Four

Size 0: it’s annoying, it’s elusive, it’s a goal, it’s a torture, it makes people do crazy things, and it also makes people (especially women) quite angry. 542 more words