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Do this Yoga pose to loose fat from lower belly

This is an excellent pose to tone lower abdomen and lengthen hamstrings. Learn how to perform it.

Ubhaya padangusthasana or both big toes pose is an excellent pose to tone the lower abdomen and lengthen the hamstrings. 188 more words


10 Common Reasons For Belly Fat And How To Avoid It

                      10 Common Reasons For Belly Fat And How To Avoid It

Visceral fat, or belly fat is a problem facing many adults. While more prevalent in men (men naturally store fat around their waist), the problem affects women as well. 695 more words


A Single Glass Of This Drink Before Sleeping Will Burn All The Fat You Consumed During The Day!

Losing weight in a quick time is each person’s dream, but this isn’t always an clean mission. It involves consuming a healthful food plan and requires plenty of workout, which takes time a few human beings simply don’t have. 87 more words


Get Fit And Healthy

Procrastination May be Causing You To Lose Out On Fitness

Attitude means the difference between diet success and failure. Our 8-step plan will keep you on track. 1,222 more words

Get Slim Waist And Burn Up To 90% Of Your Fat With Only Ingredients

Although there are many factors for losing weight, a healthy diet and lifestyle make the biggest difference. However, even though eating healthy food and exercising can help people lose weight, so can some “shortcut” foods and drinks. 66 more words


Burn Your Stomach Fat!!!

I have been saying that this year I won’t care about my weight and I will not stop myself from eating cake and other delicious meals….and there is some part of me  that is doing just that BUT unconsciously I think I am still watching my diet when things start to look a little floppy….I guess I can never really let myself go that much…. 267 more words