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Wrap the Fat Away (AKA Chris Rips on Wraps)

Body wraps in various forms have been around for quite some time and are hardly a new thing. I’ve noticed a sudden increase in products promoting results by simply wrapping your waist.   474 more words

Don't skip meals to lose fat

A recent study by Ohio State shows that skipping meals during the day to save calories could actually lead to increased abdominal fat and fluctuations in the body’s insulin. 32 more words


Steps To A Flat Abs

Ever wanting a way to reduce that potbelly? Do you find abs exercises too difficult to perform? Do not worry, these simple steps will show you how and put that belly in check. 489 more words


5 Fitness Myths Busted - Infographic

Since bad information is worse than no information, I thought I would pass this along.

Must say I was gratified to learn that running on a treadmill is not helpful. 9 more words

Belly Fat

20 Negative Side Effects of Obesity on your health

Bulky people were perceived as healthy in India and this ignorance among the masses further aggravated the problem of  Obesity. The rise in the prevelance obesity is associated with rise in prevelance of obesity related comobidities. 1,027 more words


The touchy subject of being fat...

As I had told you guys earlier I am on the Skinnymint teatox and I am halfway through it now. Honestly, I have not been eating clean or anything cause I am having my exams now and I need to snack. 231 more words

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This is me Nancy!!! I decided it’s time for an update. It’s been awhile!!!
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Well I started my skinny fiber journey at 145 pounds and now am at 110 pounds!!! 288 more words

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