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Bajan seasoned belly pork et al

As mentioned yesterday, we found an amazing recipe for a Bajan green seasoning mix last year, made with lots of tasty fresh ingredients, here’s the… 257 more words


Rabbit and belly pork vindaloo

This is not as strange a combination as you may at first think.  The fat in the belly pork balances the lack of in the rabbit and makes for a very thick and delicious “gravy” for the curry. 424 more words


Meaty matters

I am a firm believer that if you are going to be a meat eater, you should do your best to make use of all the bits of every animal.  253 more words

Food And Cooking

The Best Laid Plans...

I didn’t quite get the Armistice Day post done as I suggested in the last post.  After writing two part posts – probably a thousand words or so in total -I decided to give it a miss because it wasn’t working. 265 more words

Healthy Eating! How to cure your own bacon.

Those of you who know me are well aware of my aversion to anything processed and ham/ bacon is no exception to that rule. The ham you purchase from the shops is just slimy, and not nice at all….The bacon of doubtful origins at best especially where I live now…In the Uk you could get some lovely home cured kinds of bacon and hams not so here or if there is I have not found them….I have also been experimenting with various different ways which may be more healthy… 431 more words


White-Cut Pork with Peking- and Szechuan-Style Sauces

This is a dish that I would always ask my mother to order in a restaurant but my mother was never able to tell me the English translation. 702 more words


Carol's Perfect Crispy Crackling

Nothing is better than perfectly crisp Pork Crackling.
How to achieve it, well, It’s easy! 279 more words

Meat Dishes

Carol reblogged this on Retired? No one told me! and commented:

The Recipe Hunter has very kindly shared my post for the BEST crispy Pork Crackling ....This is my failsafe method and it works everytime...I can always be found screaming at the TV screen every time these cooks on Masterchef or My Kitchen Rules have trouble with their crackling...TURN up the oven! .......