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Planned Leftovers with Belly Pork

Surely you knew this was coming? (See yesterday’s chat and recipe for Roasted Belly Pork if you need a reminder.) 

In addition to working on clearing out the freezer (still!) prior to a big defrosting job, I’m also working on clearing out half-empty jars from the fridge, not to mention the cool pantry where I store squashes etc from the allotment for the winter.  239 more words

Kitchen Economy

Roasted Belly Pork

Sometimes you just have to buy a bigger cut of meat than you really need. Maybe it’s on special, or it’s the cut you want but isn’t available in a smaller size. 578 more words

Kitchen Economy

Rhubarb & Ginger Roast Belly Pork

To me, belly pork is an absolute treat. It is completely delicious but quite fatty so I don’t have it too often. This mother’s day I wanted to cook dinner for my mum and family; I’ve already discussed the most important course, dessert, but this almost pipped it to the post by being so darn delicious. 511 more words


Belly pork with awesome crackling

Being Chinese, my whole family is obsessed with belly pork. Some of my earliest memories are of us eating my Mum’s highly spiced Chinese style belly pork and crunching my way through shards of crackling. 456 more words


Instant Chashu Mala Ramen (麻辣快熟面)

had some 蒜泥白肉 belly pork ingredients leftover from my 14pax RI friends & spouses dinner on 18.12.2014.

added them to instant sichuan mala noodles (麻辣香锅快熟面) the next day on 19.12.2014, just putting 2 & 2 together. 116 more words

Buon Appetito!

Lemon Posset.......... THE easiest dessert ever!! and a dinner party with friends

I’ll tell you how to make this gorgeous dessert in a while but I just wanted to tell you about ALL the food we devoured first.  1,757 more words