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Belly rubs, taxes and CELs: Napping dog lessons learned

I sit sometimes not knowing what I’m going to write about but the times when my dog sits down next to me, I just know it’ll be something that flows a lot easier than if he remains sleeping in his bed. 561 more words



What’s it all about

Alfie? He seems content with

A good belly rub

Haiku Poetry


It’s very hard to switch from the dog world back to the writing world. Conjuring love out of thin air takes a lot more concentration than having real kisses delivered straight from a loving, furry mouth. 25 more words


What Tank wants

My Buddy Tank

It’s down to my final weeks with Tank. I still remember the first day we met and the immediate connection we had together. 683 more words



“That’s the great secret of creativity.
You treat ideas like cats: you make them follow you.”


~ Ray Bradbury ~


Digitally enhanced image of the third cat, … 17 more words