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Danica's Daily Distraction: Leopard Shark Gets the Best Belly Rub of His Life

Ok, confession time: I’ve always wanted a pet shark.

And everyone was like “No, it’s dangerous, you’re crazy, blah blah blah…”. But this video of a leopard shark getting a belly rub just makes me want a pet shark even more. 23 more words


Baby Deer Wants A Belly Rub

You know those dogs who, once you start petting them, refuse to let you stop petting them? (I’m looking at you, Hank.) ¬†Well, apparently, there are some deer that pull that crap too. 41 more words


You're an Emotional Eater, I Get It

It’s ok. I have the perfect solution for your emotional eating. Rub my belly and give me the food.

Belly Up!!

Would you look at all that furry cuteness!?!?


Hamilton the Pig's belly rubbing extravaganza!

I’m still battling to keep this guy in the chicken paddock. He tries escaping daily. In the meantime, I try to bribe him with treats and belly rubs.

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Animal Husbandry

I've Got Georgia on My Mind

For my latest state flower doodle, I have chosen Georgia since it is one of the states where MrE has lived. Their state flower is the Cherokee Rose, also called Rosa Laevigata. 160 more words

State Flower Drawing