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On the Second Day of Christmas

I celebrated another day of Christmas. This time we went to Lexington, Kentucky to my sister Angie’s house. It took a long, long time but not as long as going to Melanie’s. 281 more words


Fireplace Fur Princess

What a little love magnet! How could anyone resist giving this beautiful ball of fluff a big ol’ belly rub?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy

With these eyes, I’m sure you can guess how often he gets the belly rub he’s begging for…


Such a Beautiful Day

Today has been bliss to be perfectly honest. I shared the bed with my human and we had a bit of a very warm cuddle moment under the covers. 233 more words


No wonder you're cold

A few nights ago my human was sitting in front of the entertainment box wrapped in a blanket. I was laying on her legs, on the blanket, like a lose ball and was observing her. 256 more words

The belly rub

Before I was pregnant I rarely paid attention to pregnant people. Although I remember always noticing them rubbing their bellies. Why? It was always so weird to me to see a woman walking around rubbing her belly, or just sitting on a chair rubbing away. 289 more words