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The Belly Rub


We have been having our bellies rubbed this week!

In an earlier blog post called Pet Petting Zones we were talking about where we like and where we DON’T like to be pet. 277 more words

The Secret of Life

If only life were a belly rub
how happy I would be
I’d howl at the moon
scratch at a flea.

Me and my dog… 15 more words


Day 48: A dog sketch

In daily speech, I’m absolutely terrible at delivering puns in any sort of drum-roll-inspiring, inspired comedic timing sort of manner. So when I mentally stumble upon one, I like to try and work them into my sketches, so the humor can be enjoyed at some point in time. 73 more words

My Creations

Baby Bump Boundaries

Keep your hands to yourself. Sounds like one of those rules you learn in kindergarten that continues to apply throughout adulthood, right? As human beings, we all appreciate our own personal space and most of us respect others and their personal space. 599 more words


Belly Rub

It hit me like a brick; this restaurant was named after an action associated with being ridiculously full (yes, that motion where you lay your hand on your stomach, palm-side down, and move it in a circular motion). 823 more words

Chef Jase

On the Second Day of Christmas

I celebrated another day of Christmas. This time we went to Lexington, Kentucky to my sister Angie’s house. It took a long, long time but not as long as going to Melanie’s. 281 more words