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Puppy Love!, BT Article, Sunday, June 10, 2018

Jesus was emphatic as he constantly described the modus operandi of the Kingdom of God.  He had to!  The world or kingdom we are entrapped in abides by a different set of rules.  798 more words

Belly rubs, taxes and CELs: Napping dog lessons learned

I sit sometimes not knowing what I’m going to write about but the times when my dog sits down next to me, I just know it’ll be something that flows a lot easier than if he remains sleeping in his bed. 561 more words



What’s it all about

Alfie? He seems content with

A good belly rub

Haiku Poetry


It’s very hard to switch from the dog world back to the writing world. Conjuring love out of thin air takes a lot more concentration than having real kisses delivered straight from a loving, furry mouth. 25 more words