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Day in Walk on

The rain falls down from the clouds,

dirt jumps with the regular meeting,

has the wind passes and goes,

while a guy walks on the road, 77 more words


Scenario Belong

Belonging is a feeling based on the collective identity, shared rituals and a collective imagination. The common identity shows what people really share, the rituals make everyone feel physically and emotionally connected. 160 more words

Ralston & Bau

Stop Me

I am falling in love with

your presence

and the lack of it

I am falling in love with

the burn of your stare

and the way you look away… 76 more words


Imaginary Companions

When your other self whispers in your hear,

“just a bit longer, stay, just a bit longer”,

while the other little one says,

“Move, go on, move”. 76 more words



I hate the word “belong”. It reminds me of property, and of being boring and stationary and unambitious for a very long time. It strips you of things like choice, freedom and responsibility and hides behind ideas of positivity, inner peace and the sad fact that people are generally scared of ending up unfulfilled and unsatisfied. 1,110 more words


The Eye of the Beholder

Passing by this little church on the back roads of Montana made me smile. I was part of a little church like this once. When I was lying in the hospital after my transplant 11 years ago, the youth pastor drove four hours up to see me for twenty minutes. 115 more words



One of my Starting Point group leaders’ names was Steve.

He was one of those people… That I just felt drawn to. And it was weird, because one day I was answering a question and I was kind of getting a little teary because it was about forgiveness and everyone in the goddamn room was breaking my heart, and he stood up and he declared he needed to hug me and told me I’m a wonderful person and something else I can’t remember. 209 more words

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