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The Solitary

This poem, written by one of my favorite poets, Rainer Maria Rilke, is one that I think for any person who has traveled much and returned to a place where many never leave, rings deeply true. 98 more words

When I was little, I was afraid. ALL. THE. TIME.

“When I was little, I was afraid. ALL. THE. TIME. I rarely spoke. I preferred to play by myself than with other kids. I didn’t know how to engage people well. 478 more words


And maybe that's what's most important: just showing up.

As we get older, we change. We grow. We become solidified in some ways and more flexible in others. For many people, I’d assert to say that the world grows a little less “black and white” and a little more “gray” as we grow more into our own skin. 1,179 more words


What We Behold

The sound of the wind
As it wraps around the trees
Embracing its branches
And caressing its leaves

The warmth of the sun
Lights up the skies… 63 more words


There’s no place like home! Google maps link, please?

Last night I had a quickie heart-to-heart with my good friend Roze.

After thinking I had experienced an epiphany, I wanted to ask her opinion on it. 1,012 more words

Life Lessons