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A Community Of One

Are we born to automatically be part of a community, religion, nation, tradition? Why can’t a person turn away from all of this and make himself up as he goes along? 37 more words


Episode 28: Restlessness

Ever get distracted? Perhaps during prayer, or important moments or events in your life, or just doing your everyday routine? (Squirrel!) Good news — after much research and biblical study, we’ve decided you’re completely normal. 16 more words

Femme Performers Belong in the Drag Community!

A Femme Performer is a performer who is a biological woman, paints like a queen, and performs the same way that everyone else does, if not, better. 327 more words


belong as being

its own part

and amazed its own circle

and meant

and its own  part

and seperate

and candid

and while on the dial

and seeking as its own rule… 43 more words


my place

Each night I go

to sleep next to you

knowing this is

where I belong.


My Writings

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had a child and began to see people

/ every bandage is a red-haired ghost