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You Belong

Starting this whole fertility journey was daunting. I was afraid I wouldn’t “fit in”, like I didn’t belong. I felt like a fraud. Like this wasn’t my life. 796 more words

Eva Mendes - This face is everything. @amyszk... You belong in a museum. ...

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An Empty Frame is Also Worth 1,000 Words...

I gave my blog a new look this week! I’m pretty excited about the look because I feel like it’s more me. You can now find me by googling… 1,825 more words


BOUGHT WITH A PRICE: Devotion for Thursday October 20, 2016

BOUGHT WITH A PRICE: Devotion for Thursday October 20, 2016

Text: 1 Corinthians 6: 12 – 20    Memory verse: 1 Corinthians 6 verse 20

Yesterday, we read how Paul asserted that people who say they are Christians but are still living in sin will not be part in the Kingdom of God. 385 more words


Take me away!!

Time you rule my life.. you make my plans..take me to the world where I belong..the world where my dreams has no value for my reality shall be so beautiful..I don’t need fame, I don’t need money..take me where I can find me..I don’t need to pretend there, I don’t need to be nice..I can be be weird,  I can be naughty..I can keep my heart, I don’t need my mind..I just want to be me..I just want to be me..i want to be silent for a while..i want to be crazy..smiling face for no reason..sleepless night talks..sleepy days..something different..something me..take me away..take me away..take me away to the world where I belong..

The Place Where you Belong

The place where you belong —

is a place where you can truly rest — physically and mentally.

Where you are at peace,

not under attack — … 90 more words

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