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As four walls beckon with silent plea’s
I sit entranced not willing to leave
For only here is that elegant space
Not blessed or charmed just in place… 28 more words


Three To Remember (2015)

1. Past.
2. Family.
3. Where one belongs.
Amnesia, to endure-
Looking for spark, looking
for a cure.


Finally...I feel like I belong. This...right here, right now...is where I am meant to be.

At every stage of my life I have always felt left out. I played soccer on a team of mean boys. I was left out. I was a chubby ballerina with boobs at age 11 in a class full of elegant and thin girls. 735 more words

Day 79: The beauty of belonging

Hi there butterflies!

Today we celebrated Canada Day!

It was so nice to see how it all evolves and to learn how young this big ol’ country is in fact and how far ahead is from so many other countries. 162 more words


Voltaire . Belongings and Appreciations

Appreciation is a wonderful thing : It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.


Recipes And Ingredients

Half Year Reads Review

If you’ve known me even in the slightest way, you know I love to watch things grow. I like to be a part of the process. 524 more words


Mia Life

NYC. It’s beautiful, enticing even… but it still smells like fucking cigarettes and piss. Why did I ever leave sunny southern California where people actually care about their health and have only have a wardrobe of one kind of weather? 39 more words