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A Thought about Submission

He doesn’t think I should be a sub no more. He thinks it’s not good for me.
I don’t know what to think. Should I listen to him? Really don’t know.


In The Questions That Real Life Asks

“The movement of Jesus is always from the outside-in: welcoming, inviting, including. Jesus was always including people, bringing them in from the outside.  As James Alison has noted, for Jesus there was no “other.” All were welcome members of his community. 198 more words


The Challenge: Including all ages with simultaneous worship and Sunday school

Much is being said about children in worship and past decisions of age-based Sunday school. The reality for most of us Christian educators is that a structure already exists within our churches. 466 more words

Thoughts On Faith

We belong to the light

I first heard this song in Pat Benatar’s concert in Sydney. Amidst the sounds, these lyrics from the Chorus spoke to me:

We belong to the light… 164 more words

The Self

It’s so unbelievably hard to have to fight for everything that belongs to you. It’s so hard to have to prove yourself to everyone around you. 68 more words

Those 'Where Have You Been My Whole Life' Friends

You know how you have those friends that you meet, maybe at work or in class, that you don’t know really well and then one day you just get to talking and realize you are practically the same person and from there the rest is history? 296 more words



Can you sympathise/empathise?

It’s 100% okay if you can. Just know you’re not alone and that it’s your way of thinking that makes this true, not reality itself.