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You Belong Here

Even on nights that won’t depart
Yearnings that know no gratitude
When love leaves
A peace spring from the floors of my stomach
A gentleness that subdues the restlessness of my heart… 143 more words


Where do I belong?

Sometimes, I feel like I don’t belong. A lot of times, actually. I remember how alienating it was to grow up around people that looked so much like me on the outside, yet I felt so different inside. 653 more words

Give us this day

It’s late morning late-June, and the house is quiet except for the rushing of traffic on I-10 which never seems to stop. Against its white noise, I hear the unfamiliar voice of the white-winged dove roosting on the back fence of our Fowler Street house. 1,010 more words


What Makes You Tick?

Recently I was challenged to define my core values.  I mean really define them.  Put them on paper, and explain in detail why they define me.  517 more words

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The Lord's Supper constitutes a church

When a believer comes to faith, they join the universal church. But what creates a local church? If we (rightly) do not call a couple of Christians bumping into each other at the shops a church, what is it that makes a local church, a church? 851 more words

12 Tips To Make That New City Your City

I read recently about a woman who was raised in Houston, and knew that city like the back of her hand.  A job promotion moved her family to Dallas, and with a trusty GPS, she traveled around her new city with no problems.  489 more words

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