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Morning Meditation: Life As It Should Be

It really can be this simple.

Satisfaction.  Contentment.  Fulfilment.  Happiness.

And the measure of this?

All to be found in watching a flock of sheep graze in a green pasture. 51 more words

The Farm: (getting Comfortable In Rubber Boots & Coveralls)

Listening to the Spaces

Listening is not about words or sound, it is about creating space. It is about creating a special kind of space. When the farmer plants his crop her prepares the space for the seed to be planted. 308 more words


Is Belonging Easier to Give than Love?

The third tier on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is actually love and belonging. But I think that belonging is easier than love for us to both imagine and practice in relationship to strangers, as well as people we actively dislike for whatever reasons. 798 more words


Initiation in The Great Pyramid! - a personal story.

by Barry J Kerr

(This story really happened to me in August of 1984, exactly as told. I wrote this back then.)


There it was, before me, rising majestically out of the infinite white sands of the Sahara desert, towering over the green foliage of the narrow Nile valley, as it has for probably over twelve and a half thousand years. 3,793 more words

Spiritual Growth

What is *not* in a name

Nominative determinism is the theory that your name has an impact on your life and how it’s shaped. For me, that’s certainly true.

My mum named me Mulki after her cousin who is a doctor in the UAE. 630 more words

Personal Blues

"Belonging" collages

As part of our Space Jam Theatre visit, we have been reading and completing work on a book called “Belonging” by Jeannie Baker. It is a picture book made up of very detailed collages of the view from a girl’s bedroom window. 71 more words


Dear Diary - 17 April 2015: Nearer to the End

I know that I haven’t written for a long time. I’ve had a few exhausting months trying to balance uni work and my full-time job, and at the same time trying not to go over the edge. 1,848 more words