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Anywhere In The World

We can be at home anywhere in the world when we give up attachments everywhere in our world.



The times I needed you most,

You were not there for me.

It’s not that you did this purposely,

But it taught me you were never mine to be.

Vivid Pieces

And that's okay. 

Every day we see a different reflection of ourselves. Today my brain has been through a tidal wave of emotions and thoughts, and all I did was wake up, eat some food, speak to friends and family, drive to a new place and learn some new things. 364 more words

Rune journeys

Since returning from the Nordic lands, I have found that the symbolism of the runes is becoming more of a feature of some of the work I am developing. 240 more words


The Costs of Remodeling

~ Written by Viki Rife

I walked into the guest room and reached for the light switch. My finger encountered a thick powdery substance. I sighed. 225 more words


When someone listens to you

I sometimes miss our conversation… That subtle flirting, the deep thought provoking ideas, the naïve notions of how the world worked, not being able to explain what you meant to me. 303 more words

Living in full lung

Speak … then cower

This is what my body learned

At the hands of chaotic power.

Gently, my fullgrown lungs

lead me

to see my belly… 97 more words