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Do You Belong Here?

do you belong here?

do lights blink out


as you walk beneath

or around them?

how ’bout




household irons?

does your telephone… 153 more words


Why do people mangle the language?

At the recent Australian STC conference, Neil James was asked why people write Manglish, or mangled English. I very much like what he had to say. 180 more words

Technical Communication

A few thoughts on community

I’m often humbled by God bringing people into my life who truly care when I least expect it.

Just this morning, when I logged onto Facebook (I’m just as surprised as you all are – sometimes Facebook… 327 more words

Recollections & Reflections

'Jesus At The Pools Of Siloam, Bethesda, And Our Bath!'

A couple of days ago something extraordinary happened… something totally unexpected… something that in its own way was delightful and wonderful…  James had a bath!  An hour-long soak! 914 more words

Additional Needs


by Aidan Chivers

The air around me is calm and still as I wake up, but if I keep my eyes closed and breathe slowly, I can still hear the fading echoes of church bells, morning lectures and Latin grace. 530 more words


The Violin

The soft rustle of immaculate fabrics on an open balcony danced with the night breeze. She watched him with passion, his persona a mystery reflected on the dancing candlelight. 1,089 more words

Erotic Reverie

Angel of Hope -2.

There is a completely different mood in this photograph.
It’s lighter. The conversation between two angels only started.
It’s about purpose and belonging.
It’s about pleading to stay in the place which gives you comfort and peace. 9 more words