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Friday Focus: Belonging

Guest Blogger:  Carla Berg | Divine Potentials
Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Carla!


From the moment you are born, life experiences are embedding impressions, beliefs, and conclusions in your subconscious mind.  561 more words

Friday Focus


I don’t belong to you.

I belong with you.

There’s a very large difference between the two lines.

We don’t belong to each other, but we belong with each other. 80 more words


Flying Solo

I have once again happened upon a point in my life where living alone, without family, is simply tiring. My immediate family with all of their flaws is still in Alaska. 379 more words


Money Costs Too Much

And what does it cost?  Time.

You’ll never get time back . But money can always be made.

Of course one needs money for shelter, clothing and food but what I experienced (and may still) is something called the “Joneses” That feeling to gain acceptance amongst others and belonging to the social class we yearn to be recognized as.  77 more words


Celtic yearning!

I discovered a friend wrote the words and music for this song and every time I would hear this music I would be taken to the hills of Scotland. 1,363 more words


“Every man carries within him a world which is composed of all that he has seen and loved, and to which he constantly returns, even when he is travelling through, and seems to be living in, some different world” – Chateaubriand

Sometimes that means that we respond to happenings in ways that are actually responses to past events. This can feel confusing, frustrating, sad (and a logical argument can be made for taking the negative perspective, because that is the ‘logical’ way to look at the situation right?). 627 more words


A Quest for Warmth, or The Tenacity of a Feeling

Legs so spider like
that one must consider the presence of spiders
creep slowly forward.
Inch by hesitant inch
they reach out,
the feel for, 154 more words