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A Layer of Ownership

Recently, I read that going to the mikveh is more of an additive process rather than a subtractive one. I like that idea a lot. Many of my Christian friends equate going to the mikveh for conversion with baptism, which is fine, but if I wanted to wipe the slate clean and start again as a born again Christian, I could have just as easily done that. 418 more words


Better For

Look at me now

All smiles and sparkle

I can hold my own

I know how to trust in my own beliefs

My own feelings and judgements… 68 more words

Creative Writing

Her Two Sentences

Her world turned on an axis, like the earth, once every 24 hours. She had an imaginary line between happy and sad, where she didn’t measure up, and always wondered where she belonged. 6 more words

Nothing And Everything

Poetry Map of Scotland no 186: Lismore


From a rich soil of respect, understanding and honesty
With the freedom of the wind to be as we are
Our love is vast, like the moorlands of heather… 211 more words

I am and I am not a member of your group!

Like everybody else, I wanted to fit in. I dreamed of a forming a special group where people valued the same things as me, who had similar visions for their lives etc.  536 more words

One great love, really?

This is a notion that I have wrestled with for a couple of years.  For a number of reasons I wondered if in this life we are destined to have just one great love.  842 more words