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Where do I belong?

       The question of “Where do I belong?” has been a very live one for me lately.  I’m betting that it’s been somewhere in my thought process ever since Russell died.  880 more words


Lost --- In the Beginning...

I have always had this notion that when someone great starts on their path to whatever it is that makes them great, their morning started something like mine… 1,611 more words



I just discovered Dr. Guy Winch. He emphasizes the importance of emotional first aid. After reading one of his articles and listening to his TED talk… 359 more words


Day 592

Today’s question at Re-create Psychiatry was: What is therapeutic?

Everyone’s reality is different. Their stories are diverse. People have many thousands of different types of experiences. 210 more words

Do I have a tribe?

I’m sittingng on my deck, sipping at a cup of tea, looking at the mountain view to the west, and listening to – of course – CBC Radio. 466 more words

A Different Stage Of Life

If I see something I want to be apart of, I usually do whatever I can to make it happen.  If I want to join something, I research or observe the workings of that group then mimic all things positive to make the grade so to speak. 413 more words

Christian Woman

Writing Well 3, Everybody Needs a Tribe

In my previous post, “Writing Well 2,” I lamented the fact that with nearly 4,000,000 books listed on Amazon and with only 40 of those authors making any sort of money, my odds of financial success as a self-published author are less than me winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games. 364 more words

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