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Tangerine sun-streaks
mix with lavender moon
slivers; dawn is the edge
where I find day’s

Sometimes moody,
sometimes gentle,
sometimes melancholy
streams of joy, etched… 37 more words


Why you absolutely must find your tribe

Kindness from others is not enough. Or not enough to feel like you belong. All my workmates are kind people who treat me well and try to make conversation with me where ever possible. 298 more words


Lately (literally 4 times this week, at least once a week in the past 3 months, and frequently during my 4-month hiatus this Fall) I’ve been confronted by the question “What does it mean to Belong?”  I’ve not come to a solid conclusion yet, so bear with me.    481 more words


Many times when you learn something, you forget it within the week. Sometimes, the thing you learn is particularly interesting and so it sticks there to be drawn upon during random conversations as a party trick. 779 more words


Most importantly Me & I couldn’t think of a good Title

I walked a labyrinth in A local small town today. I was envisioning my negativity rising through the trees. Letting go. Starting anew. New footprints awaiting to set along a new path. 587 more words

Bipolar Disorder


You held me close, said don’t let go and I fell into the arms of another

Skinned your knee, the rule of three, strike out the feelings of others… 200 more words