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No good will come of it

A transmission from the creative and confusing world of No Point, who appear to have been building mysterious objects…

The forbidden gNomes have been busy on their wooden anvils forging magical weapons to arm a bunch of faerys. 165 more words

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Look! Recent media round-up

It’s wonderful to see other people getting as excited as we are about Beltane Fire Festival 2015! Here’s a selection of stories and listings from around the web… 92 more words

Beltane Fire Festival

There's still time to join the Stewards!

Good news! If you want to take part in Beltane 2015, it’s not too late to join in. Our lovely Stewards still have room for up to 11 more volunteers, so get in touch with Nick and Anthony via stewardsbeltaneorg or rock up to their… 92 more words

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Faery Queen May and the Minstrel

Once upon a time, in a small village by a long road, there lived a young man who wanted nothing more than to become a minstrel. 1,114 more words


What do the Beastie Drummers sound like?

BOOM! I’ll let the beats speak for themselves…

If you want more (because of course you do!) check out the Beasties on SoundCloud. You can also follow them on Twitter… 18 more words

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Wheel of the Year-Northern Hemisphere

From the web site Deviant Art. It does not have any more information on this topic but I liked the look of this wheel and the short explanations given. 14 more words

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Passing the staff

Robert and Dulcea, Group Organisers of Bonfire Point at Beltane 2015, share their story of the passing of a tradition between volunteers…

In 2013, a Beltane group named Tellers of Bel’s Fire was founded. 136 more words

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