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U.S.A. battle - The spirit of Jezabel vs pharisaism

Key quotes from what I believe may be a prophetic word in the video –

‘The dogs of hell have been released against the one who the Lord’s hand is upon.’ 122 more words

Christian Prophecy

Beltwayland: The heartland of the military-industrial complex class

For them, a two-front war and Washington’s newly enlarged national-security state, much of which is hidden in plain sight, have ushered in a 21st-century…

385 more words
What Interests Us


Imagine my surprise when I found out my best friend Jim is related to Donald Trump. The resemblance is pretty startling. And he has gone gung ho, preaching the merits of a Trump presidency. 222 more words

Peasants Rouseth A Worm Frometh The Pit!

Forsooth! Cometh Dragons whose fierce breath the rabble pray slayeth the Knights ’round the Moat Potomac of thine Kingdome of Beltway

Whilst I nay pledge Trump as my liege lord, the Serfs riseth behind the Breedbate to agauw the Nobles and terror taketh their thought. 1,110 more words


"I love that guy"

Last month Hillary Clinton took deserved shit from Bernie Sanders and the liberal press for squeezing Henry Kissinger in a metaphorical bear hug. Now her former boss… 306 more words

Telephone Killer 10

As you have deduced by now, Ferus thinks he is smarter than everyone else. He kills a cop and brags about it. He kills someone for allegedly cutting in front of him on the Beltway. 1,130 more words

Paul J. Stam

Accident Blocking Inner Loop Beltway In Parkville

Baltimore (WJZ)– A wreck is blocking all lanes of the inner loop beltway approaching Harford Road.

Multiple cars are involved holding up traffic. The right shoulder is getting by. 10 more words