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It did seem Nixonistic to me

Then suddenly there was all this talk going around about Trump firing Comey.

Some TV talking head  said it seemed like something Nixon would do. Then an op-ed prognosticator wrote that it was a Nixony thing to do.  476 more words


3 poems w/ writing advice. 4/23, 4/29

Imagining warlords
Cut through by chaos
That was a fucking intelligent move
Try once for the battle
Try twice for the people
Try eighteen times for love… 446 more words

Contemporary Poetry


Webster’s New American Dictionary defines a “red-neck” as : “a poor, white, rural Southerner, often, specif., one regarded as ignorant, bigoted, violent etc.”  Just in case readers didn’t know, it explains that the term is derived “from the characteristic sunburned neck acquired in the fields by farm laborers.” 417 more words

Is a Road Bypass (Beltway) a Good Idea for Cities?

By Dom Nozzi

November 12, 2016

An extremely common suggestion for “improving” or “easing” car travel in cities is to create a bypass road (sometimes called a “beltway”) to take regional motor vehicle trips not destined for the city center away from the city center to reduce congestion. 353 more words


Spreading Out The Federal Effect

Where are the richest counties in the United States, as measured by median household income?  You might think one of the counties in Silicon Valley, or one of the high-end areas in Connecticut, or around Boston, or the home to bustling computer, software, and internet companies around Seattle . 476 more words


Mad Fox Brew Pub Falls Church

Mad Fox’s Falls Church location is a true brew pub. They not only brew some great beer but also offer a sit-down restaurant with a full menu of pub fare. 337 more words


President Obama Currently Stuck In Beltway Traffic

STERLING, Va. — According to reports from his own motorcade, President Barack Obama is currently sitting in standstill traffic on Interstate 66 in northern Virginia. 147 more words