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Artificial Insemination

When natural conception fails, or two desired animals situated at different facilities are selected for a breeding programme, artificial insemination replaces natural breeding efforts. This procedure involves training a male to present his penis to be manually stimulated until ejaculation. 486 more words

Wild Captures: Belugas

With bulbous heads and stark white bodies, belugas are one of the more aesthetically unique species of cetaceans held at marine parks. As the captive cetacean display industry expands in China, the demand for beluga whales continues to rise. 486 more words

Short Story: Saved by the White Whales

Hey, y’all! How’s everyone enjoying their summer? I’ve been hanging out with my family, and working on a new character, called gossamer Knight. It’s been a real pleasure to draw her! 538 more words

#WhaleWednesday - Beluga Whales

The beluga whale is a relatively small toothed whale that is brown-gray at birth and bright white in adulthood. The beluga is one of just two species in the “white whales” family, the other being the narwhal. 421 more words


hypnotic fluidity

So, last month I got to cross off another thing on my “to-do” list now that I live in Georgia. That thing was going to the Georgia Aquarium, I mean, it’s only one of the largest in the western hemisphere. 147 more words

Investigation finds two Vancouver Aquarium beluga whales died of unknown toxins

The cause of two beluga whales dying weeks apart at the Vancouver Aquarium in November 2016 was due to an unknown toxin, according to the findings of a five-month investigation. 630 more words