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Day 1: A Dam Fine Day In The Vondelpark

Song of the day: “Saturday in the Park” by Chicago (yeah, it’s not Saturday, but the vibe was there)

You’ve heard all your stereotypes about Amsterdam: you smoke your weed, maybe eat some mushrooms, hit up the Red Light District, then drag your strung-out, hungover ass to the next city.   575 more words

ADRIENNE LAFRANCE: Swear Words, Blasphemy, and Justin Timberlake

The Atlantic: Three years of FCC documents reveal the recent Saturday Night Live sketches that Americans found most objectionable.

People have been complaining that Saturday Night Live isn’t funny anymore for almost as long as the show has been on air. 146 more words


Gyro Fry Pepsi

Today was one of those days where I did not know the holiday and there is going to be no way that I am going to do it today. 121 more words


Today is tomorrow's yesterday

Slice 75 of 365

No idea what that has to do with today’s post since I have no subject in mind and I’m just completely flying by the seat of my pants. 140 more words

Never Know

Roger Ebert reporting the death of John Belushi for Chicago news. (via)

In 1982 nobody really understood addiction.  Nancy Reagan was running her “Just Say No” campaign, and she really believed that was all it took. 81 more words


Awesome Animal House reference in Star Trek TNG

This was unexpected and a complete shock when it happened.  A great moment.  Payback for the Star Trek skit he did with Saturday Night Live? 6 more words


Robert Belushi

” I grew up in Chicago, the best training ground for young actors”

Robert James Belushi
October 23 1980
Chicago, Usa.

Formar parte de una dinastía siempre es motivo de orgullo, pero también sinónimo de responsabilidad… 65 more words

My Life