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The Glass of Dyskornis

The Glass of Dyskornis by Randall Garrett and Vicki Ann Heydron
Bantam Books, 1982
Price I paid: $1.25

For Ricardo Carillo, taking over the life of the swordsman Markasset on the desert world of Gandalara had its compensations: a strong, young body, a beautiful fiancee, and a mighty telepathic war-cat named Keeshah, who obeyed his every command.

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I Know Everything And Yet Don't Know A Thing

There is understanding something intellectually and then there is knowing the truth.

So, while I know – truly, truly deep down understand – that there are certain triggers in my life that lead to my unhealthy lifestyle – in fact, I can even point out some of the triggers – I can’t seem to find a way to… 329 more words


People Magazine - 5th November 1984

This is the article that confirms the rumors that Bill Murray’s on-screen speech to his dead superior, Piedmont (Played by Brian Doyle-Murray) were words he had already spoken about recently departed friend, John Belushi. 315 more words

Press And Publicity

Music, Tragedy, and Ages Past

I feel very fortunate to have grown up in the time period I that did.  Music was at the centre of my culture.  And some of the very best rock musicians came out of that time period.   388 more words


Day 1: A Dam Fine Day In The Vondelpark

Song of the day: “Saturday in the Park” by Chicago (yeah, it’s not Saturday, but the vibe was there)

You’ve heard all your stereotypes about Amsterdam: you smoke your weed, maybe eat some mushrooms, hit up the Red Light District, then drag your strung-out, hungover ass to the next city.   575 more words

ADRIENNE LAFRANCE: Swear Words, Blasphemy, and Justin Timberlake

The Atlantic: Three years of FCC documents reveal the recent Saturday Night Live sketches that Americans found most objectionable.

People have been complaining that Saturday Night Live isn’t funny anymore for almost as long as the show has been on air. 146 more words


Gyro Fry Pepsi

Today was one of those days where I did not know the holiday and there is going to be no way that I am going to do it today. 121 more words