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Liquidity Risk in Investing

Former Belvedere, California, resident Michael T. Jackson is the founder of SFG Asset Advisors (SFGAA). Having moved from Belvedere to Florida, Michael T. Jackson oversees investment activities at SFGAA, including managing portfolio liquidity risks. 176 more words

Michael T Jackson

Well, he's not wrong with that subtitle.

20. Make Something Up: Stories You Can’t Unread – Chuck Palahniuk

There are several stories in this collection that I won’t forget.

Especially “Red Sultan’s Big Boy,” I got halfway through that one while waiting for an appointment – I predicted accurately where it was going, and I had a hard time not spewing that forth during my appointment because, well, I had just the right friend to tell about that story, but I had to finish it first. 299 more words

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Early History of Polo

Former Belvedere, California resident Michael T. Jackson has long enjoyed horsemanship, especially polo. The Founder and former CEO of SFG Asset Advisors, Michael T. Jackson used to be an avid polo player in his college years, and has remained a polo enthusiast to this day. 164 more words

Michael T Jackson

Viennese Waltz, Walks and Wonders

My week in Vienna was an absolute whirlwind and the city swept me up into it’s huge range of beautiful architecture and history. I met with my friend Carl who has unlimited energy and walked till my calves cramped up. 347 more words

Central Europe

Easter Break Part 2: Vienna

Part two of my Easter break was spent in the beautiful city of Vienna. Other than knowing it features in the Sound of Music and was an important player in the world wars, but I really didn’t know much about Austria before this trip. 803 more words


Längste Theke der Welt (The Longest Bar in the World)

There is one very beautiful German town which rises where the small river of Düssel confluences in the Old Father Rhine, just in front of the small peninsula of… 1,403 more words

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