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NMRF’s Cervical Facet Arthritis Study

A seasoned investor, philanthropist, and business leader, Michael T. Jackson is a former resident of Belvedere, California. Now residing in Florida, Michael T. Jackson leverages approximately 30 years of hedge fund and investment experience to guide young professionals with SFG Asset Advisors. 143 more words

Michael T Jackson


從華沙坐火車抵達維也納已經是晚上,第二天早上便跑到 Belvedere, 當然是要去看Klimt 的 《Kiss》,但最主要是去朝拜 Egon Schiele。Klimt 是 Egon 的啟蒙老師,二人都的作品都充滿符號、性別、性、神話及慾望等,非常 confrontational。Klimt 用華麗耀眼的金去挑舋觀眾,Schiele 用異似尋常的顏色、稜角般的人體面貌,近乎殘酷的赤裸,去刻劃人世各種憂怨的劇情。生於十九世紀末,在戰亂加上傳染病籠罩的歐洲維也納,Schiele的一生都是個悲劇。親歷父親如何被錯亂精神及自殺傾向的困擾,母親下嫁他父親時才十七歲,不知何故新婚夜會在丈夫經常流連的妓院渡過,被丈夫傳染了梅毒。或許因此 Shiele 帶有點點的 Oedipus Complex,他畫中的女性不論是在 highly sexuality charged 的 《Pair Embracing》及 《Masturbation》,或是家庭主題 《The Family》 ,既不像他的情人Wally Neuzil,亦沒有半點妻子 Edith Schiele 的影子。總覺那是他對母親感情的投射。Schiele 繼承了父親的悲劇,1918 年妻子在懷孕六個月時,染上流行性感冒病逝,數天後 Schiele 亦隨妻兒離世。 73 more words


Belvedere to see luxury outlet shopping village and 8,000 homes? Just one idea in Bexley's new Growth Strategy

Bexley Council have released a first draft of their new Growth Strategy that’ll guide development across the borough over the coming decade. Some tasty details are contained within. 692 more words


NMRF Studies Sever’s Disease

A former Belvedere resident, Michael T. Jackson founded Napa Medical Research Foundation (NMRF) to support research into orthopedic regenerative healing. Now residing in Florida rather than Belvedere, Michael T. 193 more words

Michael T Jackson

11 Most Popular Liquor You Should Drink in Nigeria

Are you a tourist you might want to consider visiting Nigeria, The night clubs, the lounge and bar will all host you with great taste. Nigeria is a country with great talents and hard working people from all spheres of life who always strive on achieving success amidst tight social-economic conditions. 892 more words

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