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Reading the Didascalia in Syria: insights from Judith H. Newman

Have just read Judith H. Newman, “Three contexts of Manasseh’s prayer in the Didascalia” Journal of the Canadian Society for Semitic Studies 7 (2007), 3-17 (which may be found on academia.edu). 222 more words


Speak Lord: Help us speak, help us listen

The first reading at Mass today – the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time – comes from the book of Numbers.  It is a somewhat obscure narrative about the establishing of a cohort of elders to relieve Moses of some of the onerous work as leader of the people. 468 more words


Post election update

Artists and voluntary arts organisations, like most others, are preparing to tighten their belts as austerity looks set to rise to even more severe levels.  Further reduction in funding and fewer funding streams will make the already challenging task of employing staff, funding projects or even core activity even more difficult.   523 more words


Bema Churches Mystery. Early Church

This book explores the use of the bema platform in early Syrian Orthodox churches. The bema was a raised platform from which Scripture was read in the synagogue, which was adopted by early Christian churches.

Review of Biblical Literature.

Church History

Where did Paul and Silas Appear Before the Magistrates at Philippi?

Did Paul and Silas really appear before the “magistrates” at the bema in Philippi—as is commonly thought (see quote at end of post)?  Probably not—see the following. 344 more words


Freedom of expression, censorship and art for whose sake?


In August 2014 a petition was launched on Facebook by Birmingham-based Sara Myers.  It inspired some people and horrified others. Herself a young creative, Myers was understandably outraged when she heard that a minor ‘artist’, white South African Brett Baily, had been commissioned by the Barbican Centre, London to stage what he called ‘Exhibit B – the Human Zoo’ when countless, mainly working class, British artists of all ages and cultures were struggling to get any support. 2,279 more words