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BEMA Bio Cream for Sensitive Skin Review | ft. Osiyan Beauty |

Hi all,

So few days back OsiyanBeauty sent me a package containing some sample and a full sized product according to my skin type and today I am going to review that product- BEMA Bio Cream for Sensitive Skin. 515 more words

Product Review


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The rewards given are primarily responsibilities and opportunities for they are not like badges or medals warn to impress others or to establish a caste system of Believers who are better than other Believers. 3,336 more words

Where did Paul and Silas Appear Before the Magistrates at Philippi?

Did Paul and Silas really appear before the “magistrates” at the bema in Philippi—as is commonly thought (see quote at end of post)?  Probably not—see the following. 344 more words


Visiting Revelation's Churches

Revelation’s Seven Churches—I’m leading a group to visit them next April. You’ve never seen the Book of Revelation until you’ve been there—or the Book of Acts, or Paul’s and John’s and Peter’s letters. 83 more words

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Bema – the altar part or sanctuary in ancient and Orthodox churches; the enclosed space surrounding the altar; the sanctuary or chancel;  an open space between the end of the nave arcade and the apse ion a basilica; the podium or platform in a synagogue from which the Torah and Prophets are read; the platform from which orators spoke in ancient Athens.