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Heat 79

He backtracked on a path he had taken in another world. Denny’s still faced the McDonalds, this time at this corner the Starbucks hiding behind the Jack-in-a-Box had more meaning but the Denny’s won with pictures of hot skillets. 822 more words

Freedom of expression, censorship and art for whose sake?


In August 2014 a petition was launched on Facebook by Birmingham-based Sara Myers.  It inspired some people and horrified others. Herself a young creative, Myers was understandably outraged when she heard that a minor ‘artist’, white South African Brett Baily, had been commissioned by the Barbican Centre, London to stage what he called ‘Exhibit B – the Human Zoo’ when countless, mainly working class, British artists of all ages and cultures were struggling to get any support. 2,279 more words