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Easter Books

We were lucky enough to have some good reading-in-the-garden weather over Easter so I took advantage and finally got round to reading some of the books I was given for Christmas and Easter. 856 more words


Book Review - Moon Over Soho

This week I’m continuing to review Ben Aaronovich’s Police Constable Peter Grant series of Urban Fantasy Mysteries with “Moon Over Soho” 25 more words


Ben Aaronovich’s Rivers of London

When I heard of this book, I thought it was similar to Harry Dresden, but set in London. I wasn’t expecting it to be a knock-off of The Dresden Files. 103 more words

Book Apprasials

Why is it that one is never prepared for the snow?

Today´s Quotation is from Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovich.

The media response to unusual weather is as ritualised and predictable as the stages of grief.

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Today´s Quotation is from Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovich.

Most people don’t see half of what’s in front of them.

From Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovich.


I want my brain back

Today´s Quotation is from Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovich.

I don’t mind getting drunk, but there always comes a moment in the evening when I find myself watchíng myself bumping into things and thinking – I’m bored of this, can I have full control of my brain back, please?

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Never start something you don't want to follow through

Today´s Quotation is from Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovich.

I wanted to watch her tuck her long legs under the dash, but I figured the temperature was high enough already.

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