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At This Juncture...

Former US federal reserve chairman Ben Bernanke recently wrote this tribute to self:

As the chairman of the Fed during the 2008 financial meltdown, Mr. Bernanke stated the following sentence just prior to the calamity that destroyed the financial well-being of thousands of people whilst leaving the super rich bankstas responsible for the fiasco unscathed: 42 more words


The numbers behind the greatest wealth transfer ever

A new Oxfam International study confirms my Great Fleecing article from Sunday’s New York Post.

The result of the greatest transfer of the wealth the world has ever seen, facilitated by the Federal Reserve and its Quantitative Easing programs under President Obama, shows the richest 1% now have more wealth than the rest of the world combined. 469 more words


Friday 15th January-Market Wrap

ASX 200 Index Today                                  Aussie Dollar Today US69.43c.


Disappointed. ASX 200 drops 16.6points to close on 4892.8 on thinish volume. Resources try to hold the line but banks and industrials throw in the towel after the index touches 4997 early 120-point range today. 1,147 more words

Daily Reports

Martin Feldstein Just Won't Stop

Martin Feldstein has been warning about the disasters that would befall us thanks to Fed policy for over five years. His November 2, 2010 op-ed piece in the… 1,336 more words


Wednesday 13th January-Market Wrap-First positive day of the year

ASX 200 Index Today                                   Aussie Dollar Today US69.65c.


ASX rallies 62.3 points to 4987.4 for its first rise this year. Overseas leads kick us off with Chinese data keeping some momentum up. 950 more words

Daily Reports

Welcome back sports fans-Market Wrap Tuesday 12th January

Welcome to Scotland! well at least 2016.

ASX 200 falls 7.1 points to 4925.1 as the rally withers on the vine. Resources and energy stocks were smashed again. 1,330 more words

Daily Reports

Notes From Underground: Bernanke, Summers and Fischer, OH MY

Everybody is talking at me and I can’t hear a word they’re saying, only the echoes of mismanaged policy. The academics are out and about, making the case as to why they are right and markets are WRONG, although Professor Summers gives much more credibility to the wisdom of markets than Bernanke or Fischer. 794 more words