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Ben Bernanke at FOMC on November 2011

Chairman Bernanke at Press Conference of the Federal Open Market Committee, on November 2, 2011.

“Politics is politics, and the Federal Reserve tries to stay nonpartisan and out of those debates.

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연준의 경제 예측(SEP)은 활용가치가 있는가?

by Ben S. Bernanke

Brookings의 Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy에서 주최하는 연준의 시장참여자들과의 소통이라는 주제에 나는 패널로 참가한다. 전 연준 동료인 Jon Faust가 기조연설을 할 것이며, 현 연준 이사인 Jay Powell의 발표도 예정되어 있다. 132 more words


Can the Fed chair, please take a seat

Today at 2 pm The Federal Reserve will most likely announce a 0.25 bps move higher in Fed Funds rate taking it toward 0.75 bps. 275 more words


Huge Theft

I love movies about great heists, like Bonnie and Clyde, Heat, or Reservoir Dogs. The characters in these stories are fascinating, and even though they are scoundrels, you can’t help but like them. 132 more words


Is a machine kicking u out?

Davenport and Kirby’s book “Only Humans Need Apply” Harper.2016 comes with a whiff of optimism and plenty of specific practical advice- based on real life cases- for professionals – scientists, radiologists, teachers, actuaries, financial analysts, lawyers and all “knowledge workers” who fear loss of jobs. 900 more words


Ben Shalom Bernanke (Zionist Jew) Says “Hitler Was the Guy Who Got Economics Right in the 1930s”

Ben Bernanke has had his finger on the pulse of macroeconomic convulsions, and many have called him the man who “doctored” the financial crisis of 2008, and brought the American economy back into good graces. 1,691 more words

Historical Revisionism

"Fed holds rates, paves the way for a December hike"...of What Year?!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…Around 2 PM Eastern Time, you get “breaking news” that the Fed will not be raising rates.  Stock gyrate wildly for a few minutes, followed by a rally-inducing statement from the Federal Reserve governor, which goes something like this- ‘While the economy has strengthened, we need just a LITTLE BIT more time to confirm the trend, as pockets of weakness still exist. 222 more words

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