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BOOK REVIEW: Grow Up Ben Brooks

I judge books by their covers. I’ll be the first to admit it. However, this cover threw me. I went into this novel not knowing what to expect from a book written by a nineteen year old Ben Brooks; titled Grow Up and sporting a happy clown face superimposed over a skull as the cover.  517 more words


Lolito Ben Brooks Review - Lolito, the latest of Ben Brooks

“Forever and always, in bed and in the bath” or “To my friend in the best of the planets” were a couple of the sentences with which… 426 more words


Verlosung zum Welttag des Buches!


Wie man schon seit einigen Wochen anhand des Bildes in meiner Seitenleiste erahnen konnte, mache ich dieses Jahr bei der Aktion Blogger schenken Lesefreude… 703 more words


"Grow Up" - Ben Brooks

2015 Book #03
Genre: Coming of age, YA fiction

The story of a middle class 17 year old boy written by a middle class 17 year old boy. 131 more words

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Review: Lolito - Ben Brooks.

Lolito is what happens when fifteen-year old Etgar breaks up with his first love Alice after she cheats on him, and he turns to the online chat community for some solace. 232 more words

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Alt Lit: Ben Brooks

Alternative Literature (often stylized as Alt Lit or Alt-Lit) is the term used to describe a particular literature community which publishes and/or draws its motifs from the internet, internet culture, and “a population of people that are connected with one another through their interest in the online publishing world.” ( 249 more words

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The Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize 2014 Winners Announced

And hoorah, I have been sat on this list (not literally) of the eight now announced winners of this year’s Fiction Uncovered which, unless you have been on Mars or on some fancy pants trip round the word, you will know is one of my favourite bookish endeavours there are.  559 more words

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