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TV on the Radio Week: Inspirational Music

Once again, I find myself in a position to apologize for the fact that I haven’t posted anything in close to two weeks. I would like to blame it on the holidays, or possibly on work, but that would be a lie. 1,527 more words


#731: 'Not The Same' - Ben Folds

After Ben Folds Five entered a lengthy hiatus around the turn of the millennium, Ben Folds found himself living in my hometown of Adelaide, Australia, where he wrote and recorded some of, in my opinion, his best work. 159 more words

1000 Songs

Day 1823: It's here!

It’s here!

What’s here?

  • A shoe rack/bench for our hallway,
  • Wind chill factors of -10 degrees F,
  • A new day,
  • This moment,
  • Some hope for the future, and…
  • 46 more words
Personal Growth

Virtual Musical Advent Calendar, December 19: Another Christmas Song

One of the more modern wrinkles to the Holiday-canon effort is the “funny/novelty” Christmas song.  Unfortunately  — and probably predictably — funny/novelty Christmas songs are usually quite terrible. 620 more words

Day 1812: Not a fan

I am not a fan of

  • traffic,
  • filling out forms,
  • loud noises,
  • the cold,
  • the dark,
  • cages,
  • cubicles,
  • the new U.S. tax bill,
  • people who abuse power,
  • 87 more words
Personal Growth

Songs About Babies

I feel uniquely qualified to talk about babies. Mainly because I used to be one.

Have you ever had that thing where you buy a new car and EVERYONE else on the road seems to be driving the same model? 345 more words

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