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Is Conscious Consumption an Oxymoron?

Because all of my work happens on the computer, it’s so easy to mindlessly switch from “work mode” to “free time” mode without ever getting off the sofa or closing my laptop. 700 more words

Grab Bag

Embracing the Challenge That Comes From Observing a Successful Unschooler

Families that choose the unconventional path of unschooling for their children are rarely boring. Typically they are utterly fascinating. After all, boring people rarely have the fortitude to do anything as counter-cultural as this. 1,301 more words

Living Intentionally

May I Borrow a Cup of Sugar?

Tomorrow’s forecasted snow is number five? Six? I can’t remember. At any rate, there’s already plenty, thank you very much, of snow on the ground. I walked in my snowshoes thirty yards or so to check the culvert and it wore me out, the snow was so deep (although to be fair to myself, I was coming down with a cold). 284 more words


Damaged Logic and our Children

While reading an article by Ben Hewitt in Yankee Magazine this morning, I noticed he used the phrase “damaged logic” when referring to putting-up wood for the winter.   743 more words


andrea hejlskov interviews ben hewitt

read the interview in it’s entirety here: the gift of children

my favorite moments here:

“What do I think about the future for our kids? I think unless we begin to accept that our children’s reality can be very different than how we currently perceive it to be, it’s not particularly bright. 249 more words


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jason and i are always contemplating our choices. always searching for ideas that inspire and challenge us. we read. read. watch. listen. do. and read some more. 885 more words