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I Can Has New CEO? Cheezburger's Ben Huh Steps Down After 8 Years

After acquiring a tiny little site called I Can Has Cheezburger? in 2007, Ben Huh took it to levels that went way further than the internet. 310 more words


Feline Friends Friday: CatCon LA

You guys, it’s here…CatCon LA!! We are hugely bummed that we wont be in attendance this year due to schedule conflicts, but are hugely excited for the existence of this convention solely devoted to celebrating cats! 156 more words

Cat Blog

Content and Youtube: Thoughts on Journalism Entrepreneurship

Let me just start with a general observation. We live in a world in which things are constantly changing. Today, things are happening that may have never even been thought of 50 years ago. 479 more words

Bring on the change

We have to change what we’re doing right now before it’s too late.

That seems to be a common refrain today with fears of climate change…

300 more words
JRM 599

The Failures That Came Before

I like to write about failure, because it’s an integral part of success. Every one of my clients has succeeded, but only after a failure or multiple failures. 560 more words

An Ally's Advice

Cute Cats Redux

Ethan Zuckerman, who is wise, kind, and brilliant, posits that people have a preference for using the Internet for banal activities, like surfing for “cute cats.”  It seems true that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and the like, are, indeed, rife with cute cats.  708 more words

Blogging Success Story

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last ten years you have probably heard of I can haz cheezburger and all of the cat memes it has generated. 216 more words

English For New Media