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New Media and Technology

Reflecting on the video we watched in class, and the article written by Carlos De Marchis, I agree with the idea that journalism is changing rapidly because of technology. 625 more words

Content and Youtube: Thoughts on Journalism Entrepreneurship

Let me just start with a general observation. We live in a world in which things are constantly changing. Today, things are happening that may have never even been thought of 50 years ago. 479 more words

Bring on the change

We have to change what we’re doing right now before it’s too late.

That seems to be a common refrain today with fears of climate change…

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JRM 599

The Failures That Came Before

I like to write about failure, because it’s an integral part of success. Every one of my clients has succeeded, but only after a failure or multiple failures. 560 more words

An Ally's Advice