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Okay Google! Write My Blog.

We’ve reached a new age of laziness us millennials and other generations alike. We rather use those square bricks with screens that we carry around in our pockets to communicate whats on our mind than to express that toward the other human being in the room. 450 more words

The Beginning and the End

Throughout the 4 months of this class, I have learnt a lot about the Journalism and the usage of media. From different reading materials, to different videos, I have taken away so much from the course that I will use later in my life. 471 more words

Information Process / Practice

What is the future of Journalism?

The future of journalism is at a risk. Newspaper Companies have been downsizing for years, as we come into the digital age people it is hard for newspaper companies to keep afloat with the lack of funding that they are given. 501 more words

Information Process / Practice