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Encouraging Comments about Ben-Hur from the producers!

Many of you know how much I am looking forward to the remake of Ben-Hur.  It is hard to find real news about the project because I need to sift through all the articles crying about how it is horrible that they are remaking the “original.” Sometimes these articles are written with so much arrogance that it is hard to restrain myself.  795 more words


-- the munch in FilmMunch 4 --

Welcome to The Munch in FilmMunch 4! Amy Le Creations and FilmMunch have returned to bring you an EPIC pairing of a great FilmSnack and entertaining Film. 1,195 more words


My review of "Mad Max: Fury Road."

Dear Lord, Charlize Theron is a fantastic actress.  It’s amazing what she can communicate with just her facial expressions and line delivery, even when her dialogue is sparing and simplistic.   522 more words

Book of Mormon Intertextuality

As a teenager, reading the Book of Mormon for the first time was the foundation to my growing testimony. As I read it, I felt inspired and empowered to recognize wrong, resist temptation and become a better saint. 1,603 more words

What's On?

As we walked through the doors, I leaned towards Dean and jokingly whispered “I bet Ben-Hur is still playing here!”

I’m not being a snob, honestly I’m not, but the… 131 more words

Time Fillers


With the Ben-Hur remake less than a year away it shouldn’t be long before we start to see some official promotional things released.  It is hard to say when exactly because we do not know the marketing strategy they will be going with.  1,593 more words


Striking out on one's own and first Sex..

The next few years after the momentous and epic Woy Woy first date journey, time seems to have gone quickly.  I kept up going to Vic’s Cabaret and even expanded my dancing skills by learning ‘the Stomp’ which was of short duration. 1,263 more words

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