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On Hope and Ben-Hur's Greatest Scene

It seems as if hope is taking a beating of late. From national politics here at home, to Christian genocide in the middle east, to internecine fighting among Catholics, there has been an onslaught of conflict and tragedy which could lead some to despair. 443 more words


French Magazine Stephen Boyd Movie Tribute

This French magazine compilation does a fantastic job of capturing so many of Stephen Boyd’s movies in a 2 page layout! It is a fitting tribute to Stephen Boyd’s career in films.


Stephen Boyd talks about his proudest moments on stage and screen, and working with William Wyler!

Always a little too self-critical, Boyd was asked once in a a “Movieland” Magazine interview in December of 1962 to critique his own work. The answers may surprise you! 199 more words

Stephen Boyd

"Stephen Boyd's Main Assets: He Knows His Mind, Has 'Wallop' ", 1960 Interview by Erskine Johnson


By Erskine Johnson

Jan 9, 1960

HOLLYWOOD- (NEA) – A brass hat and the armor of a Roman warrior in “Ben-Hur” does for Stephen Boyd what a tight dress does for Marilyn Monroe. 602 more words

Stephen Boyd

Ben-Hur (2016) Review

Remakes are there to retell the same story but often try to modernize it for people who haven’t seen the original. But who wanted to see a remake of the classic Oscar winning 1959 epic, Ben-Hur?No one. 422 more words

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Italy's Iconic Cinecittà Studios Returns to State Ownership, Gets Ready for Revamp

ROME – Italy’s iconic Cinecittà Studios, where “Ben-Hur” and other classics were filmed, is returning to state ownership after nearly a decade in private hands, with a planned revamp involving the construction of two new soundstages on the studios’ backlot. 452 more words