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Stephen Boyd and Dolores Hart "Romance on the Run"- Movie Mirror September, 1960

Dolores Hart and Stephen Boyd were good friends after making “Lisa” together in 1961. They had previously worked together on an excellent World War 1 TV romance called “To the Sound of Trumpets”, which aired on February 9, 1960 on television for Playhouse 90. 239 more words

Stephen Boyd

Writing Scintillating Scenes––Part VI

This time, we’ll look at tension and conflict from a different perspective, an uncommon and sometimes unconscious way of looking at it. We do it in our everyday lives, and it has the potential of creating peace or conflict––negotiation. 464 more words


Stephen Boyd and Mariella di Sarzana's Wedding Reception in Rome, 1958

Stephen Boyd and Mariella di Sarzana married each other on August 30th of 1958 in London during the filming of Ben-Hur. Mariella was an Italian studio agent assigned to ‘take care’ of Stephen during his time in Rome, which she cleared did! 459 more words

Stephen Boyd

Stephen Boyd (as Messala) talks about that famous chariot race in "Ben-Hur"

Stephen Boyd gives a fun, facetious account of how Messala should have run that famous chariot race!

Stephen Boyd Interview from The Miami News July 10, 1960… 567 more words

Stephen Boyd

Stephen Boyd attends the Academy Awards, April 4, 1960

Stephen Boyd attended the 32nd Academy Awards on April 4, 1960 at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/32nd_Academy_Awards)

On his arm that evening as his date was a young woman named Romney Tree, who was a Belfast socialite (actress?). 173 more words

Stephen Boyd


Despite the fact that at least one Christianity-related blockbuster gets released every year – Aronofsky, Scott and Bekmambatov have all filed dubious entries of late – big, bombastic religious epics like the 1959 version of Ben-Hur are completely out of fashion today; it’s no surprise, then, that they are less highly regarded by audiences than they once were, too. 173 more words

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