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Short SoS - Sheldrake on Jonson


Ben Jonson. Rival or friend of Shakespeare? Grumpy old bore or stout moralist? In a typical cop-out, Sheldrake thinks both caricatures are true. Jonson is an awkward playwright at the best of times, but his plays are well worth the seeing. 15 more words


Janet Suzman Skewers the Oxfordians

I have just finished an interesting book by Janet Suzman, a fine Shakespearean actress. She played one of the best Cleopatras I’ve seen in 1974 and produced and directed a brilliant… 939 more words


Short Lines: Ben Jonson Second Folio(1640)

  • I now think, Love is rather deaf, than blind,
    For else it could not be,
    That she,
    Whom I adore so much, should so slight me,
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POEM: The Forest

  • Come my Celia, let us prove,
    While we can, the sports of love;
    Time will not be ours forever,
    He at length our good will sever.
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Dhananjay Pandit

44 Ben Jonson – The Comedies of Excess

The other great Elizabethan dramatists were famous for tragedy, and it was only Ben Jonson who wrote comedies that have lasted. When I say lasted, I should note that very little of the work of these dramatists, except for Shakespeare, is now performed to any appreciable extent: Marlowe on occasion, perhaps one or other of Webster’s great plays, and one or two of Jonson’s. 1,488 more words

Poets And Their Visions

63. (Ben Jonson)

Let’s take seriously the traditional opposition between the heirs of Jonson and Donne, and use it to ask again where Jonson’s strength lies. It won’t do to only say that his words are solider things, or that they are more closely attached to the solid stuff of the world, to the flesh, its sustenance, and its luxuries.   1,868 more words

Brief Essays

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Ben Jonson's "Inviting a Friend to Supper"

Unpleasant weather continues here in Boston (this weekend delivered the trifecta of snow, rain, and ice), and even hardened and hardy New Englanders agree that the last few weeks have been miserable. 585 more words

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