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Why Did My Parents Send Me To The Schools? by John Davies

Why did my parents send me to the Schools,
That I with knowledge might enrich my mind?
Since the desire to know first made men fools, 1,101 more words


Heretics of Language by Barry Schwabsky (Black Square Editions)

This is a compelling collection of essays focussing upon a wide range of artists and led by the pied piper of the Arts, Barry Schwabsky. We can engage with Jack Spicer and John Ashbery, Samuel Beckett and Italo Calvino, Peter Manson and Denise Riley…Paul Celan and more…and more. 601 more words


After Ben Jonson

After Ben Jonson

Farewell, thou child of my right hand (and joy);

Who knows what might have come of you, loved boy;

With seven times seven years, how would fate… 76 more words


Rare Book of the Month: January 2018

Historiae Brytannicae defensio

The first rare book of the month for 2018 is Sir John Price’s Historiae Brytannicae defensio, printed in London in 1573. Price is also known as Prise, or Syr Siôn ap Rhys. 540 more words


Roots and Branches

Yesterday evening, I began dipping into A Conversation Larger than the Universe by Henry Wessells, a very personal history of science fiction, or, more broadly, of fantastika. 744 more words


Ben Jonson's "Song to Celia" ~ The Poem You Did Not Know Was a Song

 One of my favorite love songs comes to us from the poet Ben Jonson. According to Poets.org, “The poet, essayist, and playwright Ben Jonson was born on June 11, 1572 in London, England.  1,036 more words

British History

Mummers Must Advertise: Dorothy L. Sayers, Ben Jonson, Balzac and a Host of Hogglers

Having recounted one tale of a literary reference I thought I’d found (but which turned out to be no such thing), today I’ll relate one which I’m convinced actually is there.  1,430 more words