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Ben Jonson - "Volpone" Act IV scene 1

We are back with Sir Politic and Peregrine, with Sir Pol acting as a very self-important tutor to Peregrine. He advises him to keep always his to himself, stay reserved, never tell a truth to foreigners and stay away from his countrymen, or they will always want him to help them out. 174 more words


30th May 1593. What Happened to Marlowe?

Shakespeare’s works under his name appear two weeks after the Inquest on Christopher Marlowe and suspiciously as a seamless continuation.

Marlowe (26.2 1564 (baptised)-30.5 1593, government spy, traveller and provocative playwright, 499 more words


The Alchemist - RSC review

Review of The Alchemist by Ben Jonson added. RSC production 2016, directed by Polly Findlay. Surprisingly, this one didn’t work for either of us.

Polly Findlay

Ben Jonson - "Volpone" Act III scene 9

Corbaccio enters with the will. Mosca sells him a story how Bonario somehow got wind of the scheme and came here with his sword drawn, vowing to kill his father. 220 more words


The Alchemist at the RSC

Ben Jonson‘s The Alchemist is a wonderful play to read – full of deception, abuse, wit, fast-paced, hectic, non-stop action; I was looking forward to seeing it in performance. 383 more words


Ben Jonson - "Volpone" Act III scene 7 (the end) and scene 8

Celia begs Volpone not to rape her, or have the guts to kill her after he’s done with her. And if he won’t do either of these things, she would far prefer him to disfigure her face and body if it stops him from raping her and still she’s going to be grateful to him. 158 more words


Ben Jonson - "Volpone" Act III scene 7 (ctd.)

Volpone tells Celia that he is as fit as when he played Antinous during the entertainment staged for Henry Valois, future Henry III (which, as the footnote helpfully informs us, was back in 1573, so it gives us an idea about the play’s timeline). 285 more words