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683G Benjamin Jonson ca. 1572-1637

The Works of Ben Jonson, which were formerly Printed in Two Volumes, are now Reprinted in One, to which is added a Comedy, called the New Inn, with Additions never before Published. 489 more words

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Changelings: fairy thefts of human children

“Some night tripping fairy had exchanged/ In cradle clothes our children where they lay…” Shakespeare, Henry IV Part One, Act I, scene 1.

I have several times alluded to the very widespread belief in changelings, but I want to examine it more closely in this posting.   1,425 more words

[Free eBook] Ben Jonson: A Literary Life by W. David Kay [Literary Biography]

Ben Jonson: A Literary Life by W. David Kay, is his biography of the 17th century literary figure, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Odyssey imprint. 358 more words

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Volpone and Lear - Introduction

The third requisite in our poet or maker is imitation, imitatio, to be able to convert the substance or riches of another poet to his own use. 

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Ben Jonson

Assignments for March 21

I hope you had a good spring break! When we return, we’ll dive into James I’s reign starting in 1603 and some of the spectacle that accompanied it. 296 more words


James I‘s triumphal entry into London (1604)

On this day in 1604, James I, the newly crowned first Stuart King of England, entered  the City of London, and thence processed to  Westminster to attend his first parliament, amid much pomp and pageant.  373 more words

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Guest Poet Ben Jonson: To the Reader. Try Again.

· 4 March 2017 ·

Ben saw my post about the First Folio.

Told me he’s been very disappointed by the “stunning obtuseness” of nearly everyone who’s ever read what he penned for the book. 114 more words