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An Interview with Rambler

If the 17th Earl of Oxford was the creative force of the works of Shakespeare, how is it that no one let the cat out of the bag? 1,620 more words


Homage to Charles Tomlinson


Winter Encounters

House and hollow; village and valley-side:
The ceaseless pairings, the interchange
In which the properties are constant
Resumes its winter starkness. The hedges’ barbs… 510 more words

English Poetry

Pedants' Corner: When did Ben Jonson die?

Each year, on August 6, the world stops to commemorate Ben Jonson’s death. Well, that’s obviously overstating it, but a few ‘on this day’ tweets… 705 more words

Ben Jonson

The Alchemist

This is a very funny production of a funny play, but one that demonstrates quite clearly why Shakespeare was a writer for all time and Ben Jonson was a writer for his own time. 130 more words

Stratford 2015

Androgyna, or The Fool (a play)

Dear reader,

I wrote this play for one of my classes last semester. It’s an interpretation of Ben Jonson’s Volpone from a different point of view of one of the characters. 65 more words


Shakespeare pot inspired genius - I doubt that!


Shakespeare one of the world’s greatest enigmas. Worth looking at sonnet 86 for an answer to great inspiration. Rather than pot may I suggest an explanation for genius is an extraneous source like the one which inspired Blake, Bacon, Shelley, Keats, Brooke, Christie & many other great writers, poets & philosophers. 131 more words

Taking a Roundabout Way

The experience of theatrical touring has long been woven from contrasts. On the one hand, there’s the undeniable romance of the road, the fun of exploring new places, but on the other – well, there are the sometimes grim discomforts of being stuck for weeks on end in transit or deeply dodgy accommodation, surviving on an unbalanced diet of pot noodles and gallows humour. 667 more words

Ben Jonson