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Reading "The Tempest"

I posted my first entry in this review series of The Sandman back in March of 2015.  It began as a thing to do to fill one of my weekly blogging slots and a chance to spend some time thinking more deeply about one of my favorite comic series.  1,390 more words


The Alchemist

The year is 1610 and the plague has hit London. Our affable trio who serve to conduct the subsequent nearly 3 hours, deliver a rollicking prologue in deftly rhyming couplets to set up the play. 460 more words


The Alchemist and The Philosopher's Stone

26th September 16: You may not have heard of him but Ben Jonson is author of some of the most outrageous sitcoms of the decade. His hugely popular work is filled with colourful arrays of dodgy characters all out for themselves and getting themselves deeper and deeper into trouble with every twist and turn of the plot, heading inexorably towards their undoing as their plans get out of hand and riotous chaos ensues. 760 more words


22nd September 1598. Benefit of Clergy.

The years 1827-28 saw the criminal law ‘Peel Acts’ finally and formally abolish ‘Benefit of Clergy’ in Great Britain and Ireland.

Today in 1598 Ben Jonson the playwright and friend of Shakespeare, fought a duel at Hogsden Fields, London, but ended up killing his opponent a fellow actor Gabriel Spencer and being charged with manslaughter. 419 more words


TDISH: An Actor's Duel

On September 22, 1598, in the Fields of Shoreditch in London, England, two of the kingdom’s small circle of theatre-men met.  One was Ben Jonson, a playwright and poet, whose works would be overshadowed by his contemporary, one William Shakespeare, but who was certainly an accomplished master of the theatre.  203 more words

This Date In Strange History

Creating a Legacy

Our Artistic Director gives some of her thoughts on how Ben Jonson’s publication of his folio of Works may have been an attempt by him to influence the legacy he woud leave behind. 757 more words


no love lost


illustration for
Children in the Wood: or, The Norfolk Gentleman’s last Will and Testament (1818)



The phrase there’s no, or little, or not much… 539 more words