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Representing Evil: The 'Respublica' Tradition in English Drama, Reformation to Restoration

This essay was published in Prudentia, Supplementary Number 1994. The volume was entitled TRADITION AND TRADITIONS. Please click on the link below to read the whole essay and enlarge your view within your browser as necessary.


Lost London - The Hope Playhouse...

Recently added to the National Heritage List for England (or what little remains of it at least), the Hope Playhouse was the last Elizabethan era theatre to be built in Southwark and was designed to be a joint acting venue and bear baiting arena. 357 more words

Lost London

Poetry Interview Number 1

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I kept staring at the clock, knowing I only had half an hour to work my way through these four poems… 911 more words


135. (Ben Jonson)

Whether he is the first or not, Ben Jonson is among the earliest of the major American writers. A perverse claim, in so far as he never stepped foot on the far (or near) side of the Atlantic, it becomes not only plausible but persuasive when we consider that Jonson’s great subject matter was the gross acquisitive spirit of the city of London, the earliest stirrings of capitalism, which would issue in the settlement at Jamestown, and in later English-speaking efforts at domination and exploitation up and down the eastern seaboard. 1,358 more words

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Cubeta — Ben Johnson's Religious Lyrics

Cubeta, Paul M. “Ben Jonson’s Religious Lyrics.” Journal of English and Germanic Philology 62 (1963): 96–110.

17th Century

Relevant, but not 'relatable' ...

John Kelly over at Shakespeare Confidential gave me something to think about this week.  Some things, actually.

‘I want to be an air hostess – what’s Shakespeare got to do with me?’

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Motes To Trouble The Mind's Eye

An Approach to the Reference of Volpone

This is one of the first of Jim Tulip’s essays where he begins to explore the underlying impulses of Ben Jonson’s play Volpone. This subject was to become one of Jim’s abiding passions.