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Nostalgia is an odd thing. We crave it and try to get as much of it as possible, hence why there a more t-shirts with the 80s Transformers on them than there are Michael Bay ones. 940 more words

The Muse: Review

The Muse is a deeply mesmeric venture into film for fashion photographer Tim, as he seamlessly blends the concept of the muse and the mythology of mermaids with a little help from the intriguing Ben Whishaw along the way. 401 more words


Love Hate Short Film

Someone was nice enough to send me the Love Hate video starring Ben Whishaw, Hayley Atwell. This is the first time I’ve seen this 2009 film. 117 more words

Carey Mulligan και Meryl Streep αγωνίζονται για τα δικαιώματα των γυναικών στη νέα τους ταινία.

Η Carey Mulligan πρωταγωνιστεί στο Suffragette ενσαρκώνοντας ένα από τα ηγετικά στελέχη του Ιστορικού κινήματος υπέρ του δικαιώματος ψήφου των γυναικών, έχοντας στο πλευρό της την … 22 more words


Beat Short Film

Ben Whishaw’s unnamed hero wakes up.  His face is swollen, tender, his expression blank.  Is he remembering where he split his lip?  Already there is something unnerving about his gaze, and he’s only looking into space. 154 more words

Matthew Vaughn in talks for Flash Gordon and new trailer for Suffragette

Selma was a recent Oscar contender that proclaimed the importance of voting and a new film looking for similar success is Suffragette, a period drama depicting the women who campaigned for women’s rights in early 1900s Britain. 175 more words

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