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Against @ The Almeida

I have to say I wasn’t super excited about the prospect of Christopher Shinn’s new play Against. The blurb put me in mind of an 21st Century morality play in which Mark Zuckerberg-esque Silicon Valley tech billionaire eschews his fortune to go on a crusade to shine a light on the violence that pervades our culture. 155 more words

Don't shoot the messenger! Against at the Almeida Theatre

Saturday 19th August, evening

Against, a new play by Christopher Shinn being given its World premier at the Almeida Theatre, poses that age-old question for playwrights: how do you write a play about a fictional engineering genius if you are not a genius.   721 more words



I’ve had very mixed experiences with the work of American playwright Christopher Shinn, nurtured here by the Royal Court. I loved Then & Now, his last-but-one here at the Court (mind you, it did have a stunning performance by Eddie Redmayne), but felt his last one, Teddy Ferrara, at the Donmar, sank somewhere in mid-Atlantic. 347 more words


A Look Back: Cloud Atlas

In “Wolf of Wall Street,” there’s a running gag in which Leonardo DiCaprio’s character asks various people to “sell me this pen.” Of course, none of them could sell a pen to someone who needs to sign a loan for a million dollars pronto and had no other writing implements, as simple as it sounds, but I thought of it when I decided to write a review of the movie “Cloud Atlas,” and wanted to come up with a catchy quick description: “It’s X Meets Y.” I thought this would be easy, but alas this stumped me. 758 more words

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Bright Star (UK/Australia/France, 2009)

Directed by: Jane Campion. I checked this out almost solely because I wanted to get my Jane Campion up after being reminded of her awesomeness by the… 331 more words

Review - Spectre

When it comes to James Bond movies, I’m generally an easier lay than most of the girls. Give me the old-fashioned camp and the silly names and the wacky henchmen, sure. 1,955 more words

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