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A Look Back: Cloud Atlas

In “Wolf of Wall Street,” there’s a running gag in which Leonardo DiCaprio’s character asks various people to “sell me this pen.” Of course, none of them could sell a pen to someone who needs to sign a loan for a million dollars pronto and had no other writing implements, as simple as it sounds, but I thought of it when I decided to write a review of the movie “Cloud Atlas,” and wanted to come up with a catchy quick description: “It’s X Meets Y.” I thought this would be easy, but alas this stumped me. 758 more words

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Bright Star (UK/Australia/France, 2009)

Directed by: Jane Campion. I checked this out almost solely because I wanted to get my Jane Campion up after being reminded of her awesomeness by the… 331 more words

Review - Spectre

When it comes to James Bond movies, I’m generally an easier lay than most of the girls. Give me the old-fashioned camp and the silly names and the wacky henchmen, sure. 1,955 more words

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" Who's Next?" - Another change for The Doctor.

With the announcement last night that the next season of Doctor Who will be Peter Capaldi’s last,  fans are already speculating who will be his successor. 328 more words

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The Lobster (2015) Review

Movies like The Lobster tend to bring out extreme emotions in people. For those of us who enjoy art films, either habitually or occasionally, films like this can be a richly rewarding experience. 1,013 more words


Hey, Author!

Hey, Author! is my very own place to find out things about my favourite authors that other blogs just don’t ask. The nitty-gritty. The dirt. The skinny. 811 more words

Hey, Author!