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Julius Caesar

Bridge Theatre, 11 April

I’d love to think that, after turning in his grave a time or two, the bard might have rather enjoyed this performance. 325 more words

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Triumph not in my woes

I have been relatively quiet of late – for which I apologise. Both personal and professional dramas (not all bad – but all stressful) have been curtailing my available time and energy to post over the last six months at least. 824 more words


Julius Caesar (2)

Bridge Theatre

I have a lot of thoughts about this production – mainly about how damned exciting the theatre can be when a bunch of talented actors and stage professionals get together with the deliberate intention of rabble-rousing, and when they have the extraordinary flexibility of a new theatre at their disposal. 1,090 more words


Suffragette (2015)

Set in London in 1912, Suffragette focuses on Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan) an ordinary working class woman who is drawn into the Suffragette movement, violent protesters in favour of extending the democratic franchise to women.  Read more …

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Et Tu, Bridge?

William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar (Director: Nicholas Hytner, Br/dge Theatre)

Memory is a curious thing.

I’d wanted to see Ben Wishaw in Julius Caesar, even though I regarded it as a dull play, but I assumed that by the time I got round to booking the tickets, sat in my parents’ living room with Dad shortly before Christmas, I’d be too late. 953 more words

julius ceasar, bridge theatre

I love a good Shakespeare play. I have seen many, but I do tend to stick to the ones that I know and love. I’m slowly working my way through new ones to me – and I think the last ones for me to tackle are the historical ones, mainly because I am aware that they are going to be harder-going. 330 more words


Friday Flicks: The Lobster

Welcome to Friday Flicks! Every Friday I pick a movie and provide a little insight about from a viewer’s perspective.

Our movie for today is The Lobster (2015), a dystopian film by  1,024 more words

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