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Playing Golf on Swampy Course, and “London Spy”

Winter in the Pacific Northwest can be dreary – mostly due to the pervasive gray sky and relentless rain. However, my husband and I try to play golf as often as possible (though twice a week may not strike some people as “as often as possible”) – since I believe it’s playing golf regularly that improves one’s game. 520 more words


In the Heart of the Sea – Whale of white noise

Quickie Review:

In the early 1800s, a New England ship named Essex sets sail to capture whales for the precious oil. The ship crosses upon a whale of legendary proportions seemingly with a thirst for vengeance. 425 more words

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Movie Review: The Danish Girl

In “Big Eyes,” a movie about artists that came out last winter, a woman painter (Amy Adams) is forced to deal with her conflicting emotions when her husband begins to take credit for her most popular works. 483 more words

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Review - The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl, directed by Tom Hooper is an intimate film – one that slowly brings you in and makes you a part of the journey. 920 more words


The Holmes Brothers

Or the Ultimate BonLockMerlin!AU.  I kinda reading into lots of 00Q fanfic when waiting to go and watch Spectre with my friends. The thing is, I found the idea of BondLock very interesting and even with a twist of Merlin in it, it is like the orgasmic of awesomeness. 735 more words

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The Frobisher Sequences in Cloud Atlas

Before I saw Sense8, I thought the sequence at the end of Cloud Atlas to be amongst the most romantic representations of gay romance I’d ever seen. 501 more words

THE DANISH GIRL*****Being...or Nothingness

EINAR WEGENER’s (EDDIE Redmayne) cri de coeur, “I don’t want to be a painter, I want to be a woman” is at the heart of this beautifully crafted (every shot is meticulously framed and lit) movie about identity and self realization. 719 more words