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The Message of Love is on its way!

Delighted to announce that The Message of Love will be out in September. You can pre-order your copy now before it sells out!!

Seriously, I won’t be pushing the book on this blog apart from this announcement and maybe a couple of posts when it comes out. 748 more words


A Non-Voter's Guide for Thinking Evangelicals

This morning, Ben Witherington posted what he called “A Voter’s Guide for Thinking Evangelicals.” It clearly wasn’t meant for me, as I’m not sure I quite qualify as a “thinking evangelical.” I hope “thinking” applies, but I’m ambivalent about “evangelical.” Whatever the case, I didn’t find Witherington’s reflections particularly thoughtful in the end, but as I’m being bombarded by breathless pleas to vote at all costs by the media and by family and now by religious leaders I respect, I cannot help but respond. 1,675 more words


Stories We Need To Tell

When I was preparing to preach about the parables of Jesus, I came across John Dominic Crossan’s book, The Dark Interval: Toward a Theology of Story… 1,527 more words