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Break Even Analysis


Ben has been asked to help Entertainment 7Twenty manage their finances. His first suggestion is a downsizing of the building and keeping better financials. Unless the firm starts generating revenue, they only have enough cash for another month of operation.

Ben Wyatt

Not a Judgement


The Newport campaign manager discusses how she’s smarter and faster than Leslie’s campaign team. She does a great job of showing the different between a normative statement and a positive statement “that is not a judgement, that is a fact.”

Leslie Knope

Ann Has to Go


Ben and Leslie propose a solution to solving the budget crises, but accidentally suggest that all D1 employees (low-level) should be terminated. Because there is a limited amount of funds available in the city budget, any money moving to one department must come at the expense of another department.

Leslie Knope

Something Has To Go


Leslie asks a councilor to not cut the Parks budget 8% and to find the money somewhere else. The counselor decides to propose shutting down the local animal shelter in exchange. 22 more words

Leslie Knope