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They, It Isn't So

There’s much debate in editing circles about using “they” as a singular as well as a plural pronoun.  At the April 2015 conference of the… 509 more words


They Rises

The ACES conference is getting more attention; we had cause to take a moment in order to wonder about pet peeves, but one of those questions persists. 260 more words


Sealed with a kiss... But why?

Did your mother teach you to add an “x’’ and “o’’ — a kiss and a hug — after your signature? So deeply embedded in the English-language tradition that it probably never crossed her mind these symbols are affiliated with religion. 595 more words


Grammar Gripes: Could Care Less

I don’t know why this is a problem. Can someone explain to me why anyone would ever say “Could care less”? I really don’t understand where this phrase originated, since we have the perfectly clear, sensical, and logical “Couldn’t care less” to do the exact same job. 522 more words

Cute Cats

Nuevo nombre de la selfie grupal: ¡Usie!

Cuando el español apenas se recupera de la invasión de las selfies en el léxico popular, en inglés ya han inventado un término para los autorretratos grupales: usie. 297 more words

Social Media

Summer Rewind 2014: ¡Porque Soy Malo, Soy Malo!

The following conversation was originally posted on October 24, 2013. To read the original post and comments, please click here.

Willa:  Last spring, longtime contributor Bjørn Bojesen shared his version of “ 5,968 more words

Michael Jackson

¡Porque Soy Malo, Soy Malo!

Willa:  Last spring, longtime contributor Bjørn Bojesen shared his version of “Bili Ĝin,” which is an Esperanto translation of “Billie Jean.” That led to a behind-the-scenes discussion of Michael Jackson and foreign languages, with Joie, Bjørn, and me all brainstorming about songs or short films where he sang or incorporated words in a language other than his native English. 5,919 more words

Michael Jackson